Upcoming releases: games April 2022

As the saying goes ”in april a thousand waters”, and so this month has started. Although unfortunately, unlike other years, this next year we will be spending a bit of a ‘drought’ in terms of upcoming releaseswith only about fifteen new titles.

Although this does not detract from the fact that we will find some great releases, with Nintendo’s portable console being one of the main protagonists of this month, with the outstanding arrival of a great classic for the whole family.

So, for another month we will once again present you with our little summary of some of the most interesting upcoming releases for the month of Aprilin chronological order by release date:

april 1


Opening this list of upcoming releases we find this curious RPG. A comic adventure in which instead of heroic epic powers, we will focus on exploiting the various bugs in the game (obviously added on purpose). Enjoy exploring a crazy and quirky world full of unique characters and homages to video game media and its celebrated history, while challenging the developer with your creativity.

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april 5

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Further expanding their extensive saga of games, these two franchises bring us a new installment developed through the nine science fiction movies, to relive all the adventures of these well-known characters, reinvented with the witty humor that characterizes these games. Do you want to play as a Jedi? Put yourself in the shoes of a Sith? A rebel, a bounty hunter or a droid? No problem. And we will have hundreds of playable characters from all over the galaxy, as well as a wide variety of vehicles.

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MLB The Show 22

For another year, this sports installment gets an update: create the perfect team, gather your friends to see who is the champion of the couch or online mode, or spend the afternoon racking up home runs as you advance your professional career to the big leagues in Road to the Show; unleash your creativity by creating a baseball player and go for glory in the new and improved Diamond Dynasty; and play alone offline or online against others with your custom team to test your skills and become the king of the field.

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april 7

Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition

Rediscover this classic RPG that transcends time and space, not only by re-releasing more than 20 years later, but by taking place in two parallel and interconnected worlds. Explore this world along with the more than 40 team members you will meet, and delve into the dimensions that will intertwine in this epic drama on the planet.

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Out There: Oceans of Time

A space exploration game that puts you in command of an interstellar discovery mission across a vast and dynamic cosmos. As the successor to the award-winning Out There, Oceans of Time combines dungeons, resource management and interactive fiction in a space survival epic, where you are one bad decision away from death. Step into the shoes of Commander Nyx and explore a vast galaxy that changes every time you play as you search for the Archon, a cosmic villain who wants to dominate all civilizations.

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Forgive Me Father

Delve into the dark novels of HP Lovecraft like never before with this retro-style first-person shooter set in a terrifying comic book-style world. As the only one left with all your senses, you embark on a journey in search of answers and relief. But beware, as the level of insanity dynamically changes throughout the game, bringing additional power to us and our enemies.

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april 12

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim

Vanillaware, authors of Odin Sphere and Dragon’s Crown, return with an epic sci-fi adventure with thirteen intertwined stories that will not leave us indifferent. And after its passage through the rest of platforms, achieving a score of 86 points on Metacritic, finally this title comes to the Nintendo handheld.

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april 14

Road 96

  • PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

Hitchhike your way to freedom in this crazy, procedurally generated road trip from the hands of renowned independent creators. And is that no game will be the same in this risky road trip to the border, where we can meet all kinds of different characters, discovering their stories and secrets intertwined in a constantly evolving adventure in which every kilometer, opens a decision to take.

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april 20

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Star Wars lovers are in luck, since the presence of this franchise arrives in duplicate in this list of upcoming releases, including one of the favorite titles of the fans. And this action classic returns in this adaptation for us to unleash our darker side, embodying this secret apprentice of Darth Vader in the hunt for other masters.

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april 21

MotoGP 22

Another of the next recurring releases of the year. Explore the content of the 2022 season in all MotoGP classes and the other categories, where more than 120 riders, more than 20 official circuits, and all the excitement of the official championship await us through a realistic experience.

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april 26

The Serpent Rogue

  • PC (Steam), PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Switch

An action-adventure game in which you will have to explore a medieval fantasy world, master the art of alchemy and tame wild creatures. You play the role of the Warden, a mysterious alchemist who has to use his skills to protect his kingdom from the corruption that corrodes it, creating and preparing all kinds of potions to protect the kingdom.

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King Arthur: Knight’s Tale

A unique title that blends turn-based tactical games and traditional role-playing in a modern take on the classic story of Arthurian mythology, recreated in a dark fantasy world that brings a twist to traditional tales of chivalry. Arthur, resurrected in Avalon, is now a demented undead king, and his grief gradually turns this magical place into a nightmarish version of Britain. Incarnating Sir Mordred, also resurrected, we must embark on a dangerous adventure through grotesque creatures to return to kill the ancient king.

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Zombie Army 4: Dead War

Hitler’s hordes are back for more in this terrifying direct sequel to the Zombie Army trilogy, from the creators of Sniper Elite 4. Immerse yourself in this shooter set in 1940s Europe, where abominable supernatural enemies, epic weapons and a new campaign to save humanity from the undead apocalypse await you.

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april 29th

Nintendo Switch Sports

Closing the list of upcoming releases we find one of the strong bets of Nintendo, which recovers this great Wii classic to adapt it completely to its new generation of consoles.


Upcoming releases: date unconfirmed


  • PC (Steam), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch

Additionally, this April we will also have an additional upcoming release. Although unfortunately we will have to wait for its surprise release, since at the moment it does not have any specific date about its availability. Explore and fight your way through a crashed human spaceship infested with relentless hordes of aliens in this retro-inspired first-person shooter featuring crisp, colorful pixel art and electronic music.

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