Use SEO Positioning to Promote Animal Adoption Awareness

Roberto Gorraiz

Online visibility is critical to growing a business. In a situation as critical as the one we live in and shaped by the coronavirus pandemic, more and more companies, both SMEs and large companies, are realizing this. To achieve this there are agencies like that of Roberto Gorraiz, CEO of Positioning can not only be used to generate sales opportunities, but also for charitable purposes or to raise awareness in society.

With this in mind, the SEO positioning company launched the project, which has just received an award at the IAB Inspirational Festival, and with which they are trying to change their minds about people who search the Internet. “Buy a dog” to convince them of the benefits of adoption over the internet. What better way to use SEO positioning knowledge? About this project, its agency and its way of understanding online marketing and digital strategy, we spoke to Roberto Gorraiz, who also offers SEO training at various business schools such as the IEM Business School and EDEM Escuela de Empresarios.

– was born almost 5 years ago. How has it developed since then?

They say the first few years in starting a business are very difficult and there are few to exceed until they are consolidated. We are no exception. Although in our favor, we can say it started with customers from day one. In those nearly 5 years I have only great memories and a car of experiences that have made it possible to build a solid, professional company that takes care of your team and those around you. Without them we would not have made the leap in quality and demand that we have today.

-What services does the agency specialize in? What are customers most asked for today?

Our main focus is on specializing in SEO positioning. The focus is there and the team is hyper-specialized and has created experts in each of the areas (technical SEO, content and link building). When we talk about SEO, it is very powerful that it affects many areas of digital marketing and we keep them very much in mind. Without going any further, good search engine optimization creates a positive online reputation and with it many more opportunities to keep building new business

Over the years, customers have asked us about new services because of the trust that has been generated. That is why we have gradually expanded to include solutions for recruiting, app positioning and web analysis. It is a growth caused by demand and excellent service.

SEO agency team
Roberto Gorraiz and the entire team

– In your opinion, what distinguishes from the rest of the industry? What is the main difference value?

I don’t like it when companies say we’re different. It’s one of the most empty expressions I know. For example, I like to talk more about added value and why customers come and stay. There are excellent agencies and excellent professionals in the world of search engine optimization. We have our own personality, close, with a very clear customer focus and of course good results. In addition, we would like to offer not only the service, but also the solution. We love what we do and it creeps in.

Within our philosophy it is also important to take care of suppliers, partners and everyone who is in our circle in any way. In the end we are all the agency.

– You recently opened a new headquarters in Madrid which will be added to your headquarters in Valencia. What brought you to the capital? What are your expansion plans?

Going to Madrid was a natural growth. We have great clients and friends there and although we are a 100% digital agency, we believe that closeness also influences and connects. As I said, our first focus is on supporting and retaining current customers. In 2021 we will be working on new opportunities that arise from a physical presence. With Valencia and Madrid we have two good connection points to the rest of the peninsula.

– Which of the projects you have carried out so far are you most proud of?

The truth is, over the years we’ve worked together on very important projects, from startups that have flown after the groundbreaking ceremony to established companies that have made the leap in quality they needed thanks to our SEO strategy . Of course, SMEs are increasingly aware of investing in digital marketing and we are a great ally for them.

Internally, we started an altruistic project two Christmases ago in which we tried to encourage the adoption of pets while buying. That is called

Thanks to this, we recently won a national award at the IAB Inspirational Festival. It is a great recognition that we are proud of.

– – How is created and how does it work?

My new best friend, the solidarity project that promotes adoption, arises from the agency’s desire to do our part and contribute to a more just society.

After thinking about it many times and examining a variety of options, we found that the number of abandonments in Spain was very high and that the shelters were full of pets who wanted to be other people’s new best friends who love animals.

As part of our creativity and SEO knowledge, we are creating a website where canine and variant keywords can be purchased based on search queries, e.g. B. by province, size or race.

This allows users who search Google for this intention to buy dogs to come to our website. We recommend that you consider the adoption option to be very worthwhile and explain that you will find it to be the values ​​that you hope for if you have a pet.

It is a long-term project in which we want to continue to grow, work with protectors and make the solidarity initiative known. In short, it’s one of our values ​​as an agency and as people.

MyNuevoBestFriend Portal, the solidarity portal that “tricked Google a little” to educate potential dog buyers about adoption.

– Now the million dollar question: What is the most important thing for a good positioning on Google?

I answer for a million. 😉 To have a good positioning, you need to have a well-defined strategy, study the competition very well, understand how Google behaves and where it is steering its algorithms, and of course, highly specialized resources and knowledge.

It is impossible to compete against very large and consolidated projects like big business with very few resources, no matter how good you are. That is where you need to find your niche in the market.

– What place do SEO and digital marketing strategy currently occupy in companies? Where do you think it’s going

For digital marketing agencies, we’re in a sweet moment. It is a time of technological change for companies at all levels and they understand that they need online visibility to keep their business growing.

This requires even more of being competitive, having a great team and defined procedures, and giving the customer what they really need.

– On a professional level, you have a past in the world of advertising creativity. How do you think you got through the workings at

I am often asked this question. A more communication-oriented profile made the agency’s vision of the way of working different and, to put it somehow, less technical.

This gives us a business and strategy focus that is then applied to clients’ SEO actions and where we also work for that important online reputation.

– How do you see the agency in the coming years?

I want to have a vision for the future, but above all think of the present, as this year of the pandemic, without going any further, has changed the rules of the game for all of us.

I see an agency that will continue to grow in a sustainable way, that is surrounded by a team and high-ranking partners, and that cares a lot about its customers.

Also in the development and further development of tools and processes that enable us to become more and more efficient and operational. We also work on it practically every day.

All of this allows us to continue to give more personal attention where billing is not the main metric.

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