Using Bing Site Explorer to improve search engine optimization


Microsoft recently updated its suite of webmaster tools called Microsoft Bing Webmasters Tools and added a new tool called Site Explorer which has some features that can be used to improve website SEO.

Bing Webmasters Tools Site Explorer allows the user to parse all URLs on a site to find and fix duplication or indexing problems.

Site Explorer was introduced to update the Index Explorer tool which was experiencing some issues such as: extreme complexity of useWith a variety of configuration options that made analyzing a page a very slow and very difficult process, especially when analyzing large web pages.

The update also removed the restriction on the URLs that could be analyzed, so it is now possible to analyze large pages with a lot of content in depth, and do so much faster with a much more intuitive interface.

How to improve SEO with Site Explorer

-Optimize the indexed urls: Site Explorer provides a list of all the URLs indexed for a website. This list is usually displayed in order of more to fewer clicks, so the user can see which pages are performing better and which are not. This can be used to spot indexing errors or problems with tags or meta descriptions.

-Indexing problems: The Site Explorer allows you to filter the results and only see the URLs that are not indexed or have problems indexing. Combined with Bing URL Inspection, the individual URL analysis tool, you can find out what’s wrong with each URL and fix the problem.

-All urls: Changing the filter to “All URLs” can identify duplication issues and even SEO cannibalization. If the user encounters duplicate URLs, they can remove them and take appropriate redirects to avoid potential penalties or indexing or performance issues.

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