Vegan diet for dogs

Recent research has given the green light to vegan diets designed exclusively for dogs. Formulas meticulously developed to cater to the nutritional needs of our lovable pets. As more and more people opt for a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle in search of a healthier life, the canine food industry is not lagging behind and is adapting to the new trends in a surprising way – a true revolution that launches the vegan diet for dogs!

vegan diet

They confirm that a balanced vegan diet can nourish your pet well.

Today, vegetarian and vegan diets are no longer about eating only natural vegetables. The industry has adapted to provide balanced diets for those who do not wish to eat meat or animal products. The pet food market also joins this type of diets, providing the necessary energy values.

Recently, researchers from the University of Illinois, United States, put emphasis on reviewing those values in vegetarian and vegan dog foods available on the market. The study showed that two diets, well prepared, quality and lightly cooked, provide dogs with adequate nutrition.

The result was published in the Journal of Animal Science. Their objective was to determine the nutritional values of two types of food, one vegan and the other not. One of the diets contained grains and the other was chicken kibble, lightly cooked.

Protein-based vs. grain, tuber and fruit-based diet.

Twelve all-female, healthy Beagle breed dogs were used for the study. The diets consisted of mixtures formulated by animal nutritionists and veterinarians. The one containing grains was based on sweet potatoes, chickpeas, lentils, blueberries, carrots, pumpkins and apples.

the healthy vegan diet

After careful analysis of the data, the experts strongly affirmed that the vegan diet presented comparable results, providing optimal nutrition in a balanced and comprehensive manner. Both food options rigorously meet the rigors of the Association of American Feed Control Official (AAFCO), a regulatory body that oversees nutritional standards.

Dog health analysis confirms results.

Before and during the research, the scientists conducted a thorough analysis of the dogs’ health, exploring both their insides and their general well-being. They immersed themselves in a vast ocean of data, examining canine blood, unraveling fecal composition and exploring the mysterious world of their microbiome. All this in order to gain a deep and comprehensive understanding of the health of these noble four-legged companions.

According to the researchers, fecal analysis yielded optimal results in both cases. The consistency and quantity of the feces was constant in all three periods, performed during the experiment. The vegan diet provided a large amount of fiber, which is essential for the digestion of the dogs. Thus, they confirmed that both diets met AAFCO standards.

The scientists were stunned to discover a fascinating revelation in blood metabolites. Amazingly, dogs that followed a vegan diet showed significantly reduced levels of triglycerides and cholesterol. This discovery revolutionizes the way we consider food choices for our four-legged friends, as it demonstrates that vegan diets can be especially beneficial for overweight dogs. Of course, the guidance and supervision of a qualified veterinary professional is essential.

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