Vera Gedroitz was a princess and the first female surgeon in Russia

Vera Gedroitz was born on April 19, 1870 in SlobodiShe, Russia. He came from a family of royal descent from Lithuania, which at the time was part of the Russian Empire. She was a princess and also had the honor of being the first female surgeon in Russia. There are people who were born out of their time, at a time when their talent and intelligence were frowned upon. Perhaps for this reason they did not transcend and were the cause of hiding and resentment of a “social” nature.

Vera threatened
Vera Gedroitz – Wikimedia Common
Vera Gedroitz was a great fighter with an incredible life

She was the third of five siblings, Maria, Ignaci, Nadezhda, Alexandra and Sergei. With the rank of princess of her father, she had a childhood marked by a tragedy attributable to the death of one of her brothers, Sergei, to whom she felt special devotion. Vera Ignatieva Gedroitz was her full name.

This fact made her decide to study medicine in order to save lives and avoid the suffering she felt for her brother. Thanks to her princess, she was able to study medicine, a discipline reserved only for men at the time.

Restless, rebellious and rebellious, she was expelled from school during the school year for writing satirical verses for one of her teachers. She was also arrested at age 16 for engaging in left wing activities and her home was monitored for this reason.

He was given a forged passport to travel to Switzerland, where there was the only university that accepted women. He studied medicine at the University of Lausanne and the residency was carried out in the famous clinic of Doctor César Roux.

To travel alone in one man’s world, she teamed up with a Russian officer, Nikolai Belozerov. Although it is said that it was for the convenience of both, as a married woman she could travel alone and he would be the husband of a princess.

At that time, very few women could study at the university

It should be noted that by the end of the 19th century only 3% of women had access to university education. Vera, thanks to her perseverance in Switzerland, managed to obtain the title of surgeon, the first Russian woman to receive such an award.

Vera threatened
Vera Gedroitz – Wikimedia Common

Before he finished his studies in Lausanne, his father sent him a telegram announcing his sister’s death from pneumonia. He returned home where, after having taken care of his affairs, he traveled to Moscow to confirm his medical degree.

So she became a surgeon in Russia, where she worked in a cement factory. There he operated on more than 100 patients with abdominal hernias with good success. When the war with Japan broke out, she joined the Red Cross as a surgeon, where she had excelled in abdominal surgery.

After this war she worked in various hospitals and took part in the First World War as a surgeon. Though injured, she was taken back to Russia, where, after her recovery, she became the chief physician of Ulyanovskaya Hospital.

She was a professor of pediatric surgery at Kiev University and wrote a book of memoirs she called My Life. He died of uterine cancer in March 1932.

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