Viking silver treasure

Where was it found? Just outside Stockholm, Sweden. It is 1,000 years old. It contains several beautiful neck rings, arm rings and coins. The Viking silver treasure was found during an archaeological dig.

It was at a Viking-era settlement in the Swedish town of Taby, just outside Stockholm. They found more than 20 houses and buildings. The oldest date from around 400 AD. The treasure was buried under what was once the wooden floor of a building. The coins were deposited in a linen bag. Along with the jewelry, they were in a small ceramic vessel.

The Viking silver hoard features bracelets, coins, rings.
Viking silver treasure features bracelets, coins, rings.

Hidden treasure

“It was an extraordinary sensation. In all there were eight high quality torque type neck rings. Extraordinarily well preserved. They looked almost brand new,” noted archaeologist Maria Lingstrom.

In addition to the neck rings, there were two arm rings, a ring, two pearls and 12 coin pendants. Why did the inhabitants decide to hide some of their most valuable objects? “People hid and buried their treasures in difficult and tumultuous times. We have yet to see if that was the case here,” noted archaeologist John Hamilton.

The coins also attract attention. They are a perfect example of the extensive connections and flourishing trade that existed in Viking-era Scandinavia. Several coins are of European origin. They represent countries such as England, Bohemia and Bavaria. In addition, the hoard consisted of five Arabic coins, called dirhams.

They are in perfect condition despite being over a thousand years old.
They are in perfect condition despite being over a thousand years old.

Other objects

One of the silver Viking hoard coins is extremely rare. It was minted in the city of Rouen, in Normandy (France). It dates from approximately the 10th century AD. This type of coin had previously been identified from drawings in an 18th century book.

Archaeologists also found other objects in the area, such as arrows, portable mills and beautiful amulet rings.

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