Viruses check the screen to see if they are being scanned

Screen resolution virus malware

Whenever a new virus comes out, security experts quickly try to figure out how to create antivirus programs or updates that stop them and thereby keep computers safe.

Computer security professionals often analyze viruses and malware on virtual machines

During the study process, the experts fall back on the creation of a new test scenario using virtual machines. Generating operating system mirrors that works on the same computer. That said, it would be a kind of PC within another PC where you can have two identical operating systems (Windows and Windows) or different ones (Windows – Linux) and use both without disturbing each other as they are completely independent. This allows you to test for these viruses without affecting the main operating system.

Well, the developers of these viruses, malware, and malicious software found that security professionals use virtual machines as test systems. So they came up with a formula to determine when to use one of these secondary systems and how the virus is behaving differently.

For this they use the “screen resolution”. Security professionals generally do not install display management software for the virtual machine (not required) in which the resolution can be edited. They tend to leave the ones that the system brings by default, which are generally 800 x 600 pixels or 1024 x 768 pixels.

These are old resolutions that most new devices don’t support. Because of this, hackers are now programming viruses to detect screen settings. If this corresponds to 800 x 600 pixels or 1024 x 168 pixels, the virus detects that it is not on a real machine, but on a virtual machine. So it is different.

Indeed, when the virus detects that it is in a virtual environment, what it does is self-destructThis renders the attack ineffective and classifies it as harmless or harmless to the security professional who cannot identify or see it. This would be a “false negative” It would allow the anti-virus security filters to be passed and antimalware programs. When the virus reaches a computer that is not a virtual machine, it sees a better screen resolution there and is completely fatal.

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