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Black Friday is an excellent opportunity to find quality products at more affordable prices, especially appliances and technology with which we can save a lot.

Black Friday Offers: Ideas to fill your cart

Black Friday inaugurates the Christmas shopping season and, for several days, we can find great deals on all types of products and businesses (clothing, footwear, sports accessories and even food) and both in department stores, online stores or small retailers.

For some experts, this date is ideal for acquire all those products that require a significant investment of moneysuch as household appliances or technological products, which tend to be the ones with the most offers and discounts.

Black Friday is also a good time to replace old equipment with newer and more efficient ones, especially smartphones and televisions, although we can also take the opportunity to treat ourselves and look for personal care or home accessories at a good price (dryers, hair straighteners, body shavers, toasters, blenders, etc.)

Is it worth buying on Black Friday? Take a look at these Mi Electro products, and see for yourself!

Mi Electro has a wide catalog of kitchen accessories, televisions, sound equipment, refrigerators, washing machines, leisure and sports, air conditioning, personal care accessories and small appliances.

They work with the best brands and, throughout the month of November and as “warming up to Black Friday”, they carry out significant discounts from November 1 to 19.

If you have questions about why to buy at Mi Electro, these are some of the items with great discounts:

Technology and video games

The Video game lovers can buy the Nintendo Switch consolewith the Nintendo Switch Sports Game, three-month NSO subscription and leg strap for €299, and the Super Mario Bros.™ Wonder game for Nintendo Switch™ for €45.

In its computer section, you can find other offers, such as a HP 15S laptop for €349.00, or a 27″ LG monitor for €169.00.


If you are thinking of changing your smartphone, Mi Electro offers you some interesting discounts on TLC, Realme, Motorola and Samsung models.

What do you think?

-TCL 408 T507D 4/64 6.6″ GRAVITY GRAY, for €99.00.
-TCL 408 T507D 4/64 6.6″ MIDNIGHT BLUE, for €99.00.
-REALME C55 8/256 6.6″ RAINY NIGHT, for €189.00.
-REALME C55 8/256 6.6″ SUNSHOWER, for €189.00.
-MOTOROLA G84 5G 12/256 6.5″ BLACK, for €249.00.
-MOTOROLA G84 5G 12/256 6.5″ VIVA MAGENTA, for €249.00.
-SAMSUNG A54 5G 8/128 6.4″ BLACK, for €409.00.
-SAMSUNG A54 5G 8/128 6.4″ LIGHT GREEN, for €409.00.

Refrigerators and washing machines

If you want to save a lot of money by changing your refrigerator or washing machine, but without breaking the bank, on Mi Electro’s Black Friday you will find good discounts on LG and Hoover brand models.

-LG washing machine capacity of 9 Kg for €375.00.
-Hoover washing machine capacity 10 Kg for €449.00.
-LG 203×60 Inox Combi Refrigerator, for €779.00.
-LG 203×60 White Combi Refrigerator, for €759.00.


This year, Mi Electro is also betting on great offers on large format televisions from top brands so you can enjoy a unique experience when watching movies or the best sports at home.

-LG 50″ UHD NANOCELL ALFA5 TV, for €449.00.
-HISENSE 65″ UHD QLED SMART TV, for €529.00.
-LG 65″ UHD NANOCELL ALFA5 TV, for €699.00.

Other Mi Electro pre-Black Friday offers

In personal care and small appliances, Mi Electro has prepared these offers for you. What are you waiting for to take advantage of them?

-PHILIPS Rechargeable Wet&Dry Shaver, for €59.90.
-BRAUN BODYGROOM body shaver, for €30.90.
-TAURUS toaster, for €37.90.
-PHILIPS hair straightener, for €22.99.
-ROBOT AEG vacuum cleaner, for €245.90.
-SAMSUNG Broom Vacuum Cleaner, for €239.90.

You can find all these discounted products and many more at Mi Electro.

Why buy at Mi Electro this Black Friday? Price is not everything

Make a list of the products that you really need or are interested in, compare prices and establish a budget These are three tips to “buy wisely” on Black Friday.

It is also a good idea to look for establishments like Mi Electro, with real discounts and all the guarantees, both on products with a lot of stock and on new products or top brands.

Besides, Mi Electro offers you all customer service coverageadjusting delivery times to the maximum and with all installation services, something essential if you are going to purchase large-volume appliances (washing machines, refrigerators, etc.), televisions or air conditioning products.

A great option for your purchases is to do so through the online store, since it has all the guarantees of an online store with the addition of being a physical store that is in charge of serving and commissioning any appliance.

In the case of small appliances you can even pick it up at a physical store without shipping costs.

Make your purchases with all the advantages that online provides and with the security of having people like you behind you.

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