warning: Yorgames SMS is a scam!


If you have received an SMS message on your cell phone which states that from now on you are subscribed to Yorgames -a video game download platform – and that from now on you will pay 50 euros per week, be careful, as this is a scam that has become extremely popular in the last few hours.

This is a scam that seeks to obtain users’ personal data

This is pointed out by numerous users who have posted screenshots of the message on Twitter warning the rest about the scam involved. The SMS message includes a link where you can supposedly unsubscribe. However, when accessing this web page, the user is asked for personal data, the ultimate target of the cybercriminals who have popularized this scam.

Users on Twitter request Guardia Civil and the Police Telematic Crimes Unit to investigate this scam, although the police agencies have not yet pronounced themselves on the matter.

If the message is received, and a subscription has not been formalized, it would be advisable not to access the cancellation page. As an additional security measure, mobile payments could be paused. Of course, it is advisable to report any fraud or scam to the Guardia Civil or National Police.

At the moment there is no further information about the fraud, although the website Mahacot.com already confirms that it is an SMS scam, a confirmed scam, and asks users that if they receive such messages, above all, do not click on the link included and do not provide any personal data.

The most advisable thing to do in this regard is to ignore the message completelyas with any other scam, and of course, do not click on a link that comes from an unconfirmed source, as in this case, Yorgames. A lot of common sense is recommended when opening any link that arrives by SMS or WhatsApp from an unknown number.

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