Water sports you shouldn't miss this summer

With the arrival of summer, the heat comes, which leads to a greater desire to perform outdoor sports, and even more, if these sports are done in an aquatic environment, because except for a few, cold water causes rejection.

Depending on the environment we have within reach we can practice some water sports and others do not, depending on whether it is sea, river, lakes or swamps, swimming pools … since at the moment it seems that they have not invented a pool large enough to practice sailing.

Here we will give several proposals for water sports so you do not have excuses for not knowing one that you might like.

  • Swimming: The water sport par excellence is undoubtedly swimming, and even above the cheapest, with a simple swimsuit or at most a neoprene if you swim in somewhat cold waters, glasses or even at most fins to get more progress. With the arrival of summer there are many who leave the pool behind, and venture into rivers or open sea, since it provides greater distraction and challenge, since you play with certain conditions such as currents, which do not exist in a Pool, apart from the growing events such as swimming crossings, which have a large influx of fans of this sport, which is considered the most complete at the muscular level.
  • Diving: This sport brings all the benefits of swimming, but adding the power to know and enjoy the beauty of the seabed. Diving can be practiced anywhere and for many reasons, but it is always more recommended in summer because temperatures tend to be warmer, and daylight hours are higher and of higher quality, which causes more optimal conditions to enjoy Landscapes and marine fauna. It is usually advisable to start with a tube and glasses, so that you can jump more comfortably to perform it with an oxygen bottle.
  • Bodyboard: Using a foam rubber board, the walls of the waves are ridden in three possible ways, lying down, kneeling or even standing. It is a sport that requires an acceptable physical form, some already begin to see it as the sport that can dethrone surfing.
  • Wakeboard: Sport made with a board very similar to that of snowboarding, sliding along the surface of the water, thanks to the traction provided by a rope attached to a motor boat.
  • Surf: The most famous board sport, a board of greater length than the height of the one who performs it, thanks to it you can ride the waves again and again while the sea allows it.
  • Windsurf: With a board very similar to the surfboard, with a perpendicular sail that allows you to have drive to sail the seas whenever the wind accompanies us.
  • PadelSurf: A board similar to that of the surf is used, larger, which provides great buoyancy, standing position, and a paddle is used to move on the surface of the water.
  • Kitesurf: A board similar to that of windsurfing is used and as a means of traction the force of the wind through a paraglider.
  • Rafting: Rapid water descent, with the use of an inflatable boat, this sport needs a minimum of 4 people to practice it in good conditions, since several rowers are needed to drive the boat.
  • Canoeing: A narrow format boat is used and in which the legs can be introduced inside, a paddle with paddles is used on both sides to move.

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