We explain what an ERP is


If you are in the business world, you may be hearing some very new concepts lately and feel a bit confused. New technologies are invading everything and it is becoming more and more common for them to be used in business, integrating acronyms or words that resonate strongly and that not everyone knows. Have you heard about the ERP and you don’t know what it is? Don’t worry, here we are going to explain it all to you.

What is an ERP?

A ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a software that allows businesses to control information from all possible areas. It is a support for business planning that is becoming very fashionable for its different qualities, benefits and services.

What is achieved with it is centralize the functions of a variety of software programs into one, connecting departments together and making everything much simpler. While traditional platforms present us with an accounting service or a human resources or inventory service, ERP is everything.

The way this comes together is intuitive and neat, think of it as a hodgepodge of concepts! Each ERP is usually composed of different modules which the user can access according to the functionality he/she wants to use. This also makes them highly customizable, since it allows each business to choose the ones it deems convenient, without the need to use all of them or pay a full plan for them.

How to create an ERP in a simple way

It may surprise you that we are talking about how to create an ERP in a simple way, since the. software development seems complex and within the reach of only a few. However, nowadays we find innovative and totally accessible solutions to do so.

You only have to enter Velneo to observe all its services and the options it offers you. Among them, you will find a tool capable of assisting you in the development, deployment and use of an ERP. The steps to follow are shown below.


In the application itself you can edit and also do the following steps in the simplest way. In fact, it offers you a prefabricated template so that you can start from a base to work on, without the need for extremely specialized computer knowledge.


From the section to manage your ERP you can offer permissions, manage applications and control the deployment so that everything goes just as you want it. From a simple and very intuitive interface.


How to perform this deployment? Very simple, the tool provides you with a single server that supplies the applications and that is valid both on-premise and in the Cloud, so that you can choose your preferred system.


You develop, deploy and run the applications you want in one go and with amazing speed. What’s more, with this tool you can make the ERP and its modules on Windows, Linux, macOS and any mobile device.

The vERP Template

The aforementioned template is open source and optimized for successful remote working. It provides easy-to-understand Low-Code and is really easy to maintain. Moreover, it is royalty-free and specifically created for the enterprise environment.

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