Wearable glove invented that can induce lucid dreaming

Lucid dreams are those in which we are aware that we are dreaming. However, we cannot choose the dream we would like to have. That can change, though. Using a glove designed by MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, we will be able to choose our dreams.

lucid dreaming

With a portable glove we can have lucid dreams

The glove was designed by Alan Horowitz. With its use, we can dream of trees, birds or whatever comes to mind. The operation of the glove is simple. It measures muscle tension, heart rate and the conductivity of our skin. In this way, it registers the moment between wakefulness and sleep. It is at that moment that our brain slips logical thinking into an unreal world. It is when our brain becomes more impressionable.

At that very moment when we move from wakefulness to sleep, an application connected to the glove comes into action. It plays a previously recorded audio with a phrase inducing us to dream of “something.” Volunteers tested with the glove report dreaming of a tree when the sound track whispered “think of a tree”.

Dormio is the name of the wearable glove

The device created by Horowitz is called Dormio. Its purpose is to influence hypnagogic hallucinations. That is, to induce a state of almost lucid dreaming, before our brain falls into the total unconsciousness of deep sleep.

a glove induces lucid dreams
Dormio – Oscar Rosello-MIT – Image taken from Business Insider Mexico.

MIT researchers hope to better understand the human brain when it dreams, using this device. It could be very useful for people with sleep disorders, who suffer from recurrent nightmares or for mood disorders. In this way they will be able to improve the treatment of these patients. They are called dream engineers.

There are companies that want to put Dormi to another use

However, Horowitz’s glove could also be used for advertising purposes. Although he flatly refused, other researchers did accept the challenge. This is the case of a company that brews beer and hired a psychologist to influence people to dream of beer. As the test was positive, the dream engineers set off the alarm bells.

Horowitz himself said that sleep would only be induced in people who gave their consent. To this end, he formulated the Ethics of Dream Engineering, a document online and endorsed by 38 of his colleagues.

According to Horowitz, more than 10 companies from different industries contacted him to use his glove to influence people. A variety of companies, such as airlines or interior designers. Also high-tech companies, which even offered him funding for his research.

However, the creator of the glove insists that his creation should only be used for therapeutic purposes. Inducing dreams is a new topic, in medicine and also in the legislature. We will have to wait to know what they legislate on the matter.

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