Web pages to do crossword puzzles on the Internet

If you love pastimes, and especially crossword puzzles, you will find numerous applications on your mobile phone that will allow you to pass the time guessing crosswords according to their definition.

However, if you do not want to download more applications on your mobile phone, you also have the option of doing crossword puzzles directly on the Internet, as there are many websites that offer this possibility.

The best websites for doing crossword puzzles

In this article you will find some of the best ones so that you can entertain yourself doing your favorite crossword puzzles without having to go buy new magazines at the newsstand. On the Internet, you will find what you need.


He is a renowned crossword puzzler, who collaborates with media outlets such as El País by creating crossword puzzles periodically. On his personal website (https://www.tarkus.info) you will find hundreds of hobbies. Not only crosswords, but also self-defined ones, traditional word searches and even the popular sudokus.

If what you are looking for are crossword puzzles, you should know that a new one is uploaded every week, but you can also play the entire historical one, so you will have hours of fun.

self-defined tarkus


Its name already indicates that in it you will not only find crossword puzzles, but all kinds of online pastimes. From word searches to self-defined ones, through hieroglyphics and checkerboards.

It has an archive with more than 3,000 hobbies, so you can have many hours of fun. In addition, it gives you the option to register so that, if you don’t finish solving one of the hobbies, you can come back at another time and continue where you left off.

Online hobbies


It is another website where you will find numerous crossword puzzles to solve. It has a very important historical archive, so you will spend hours entertained. Of course, it does not have a constant update rate, although we doubt that you will ever finish all the crossword puzzles that can be found in its catalog. This is also organized by categories, so you will find traditional crosswords, crusadex and many other styles. You will also find sudokus, puzzles and other online games.



On this website you will find hobbies designed for children, where they can express their creativity and play, learning to include the appropriate words. They are adapted to their vocabulary and level, and you will also find themed crossword puzzles.

choritos crosswords


On this website you will find numerous puzzles, including many crossword puzzles, but as a curiosity, you will also have the possibility of creating your own, which is undoubtedly a differential functionality.

You just have to choose the words and include the description. The website is responsible for generating the crossword puzzle for you.

Educima crosswords

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