Websites to buy second-hand cars

Best websites to buy used cars

Buying a used, second-hand car on the Internet is quick and easy. However, it is an acquisition that you should make with caution.

When purchasing your new second-hand car, you must select trusted websites where a procedure as delicate as this one can be carried out. The portal where you make the purchase of your used vehicle must have a good reputation and reviews from other customers, offer you an intuitive interface, tools that allow you to compare prices and, of course, must offer a wide catalog of cars so that you can save money and Find the one that really fits your needs.

Taking all these points into account, in this article we have selected a list of the best websites to buy used cars that you can use today. If you are thinking of purchasing a second-hand vehicle, be sure to consult them.

Where to buy used cars online

– Autoscout24: It is one of the largest pages in Europe, with more than two million vehicles for sale in its online catalogue. On the website you can filter by the type of vehicle you want, be it private cars, caravans, motorcycles, vans, industrial trucks and many more options.

In addition, it allows you to filter the characteristics of the car you are looking for by make, model, year, city and price. If these are not enough, you can use detailed filters to search by fuel type, year of manufacture, version, country where the vehicle is located or mileage, among other aspects. You can also set a maximum price so that only results that meet your budget are displayed, making your search easier.

Websites to buy cars

– Auto10: To begin with, in Auto10 you will find the vehicle search function. You can search by car brand (with a list of all available), province, mileage, price, etc. The platform has a catalog of more than 90 thousand cars of all brands and different years of manufacture.

In addition to the search engine, the page has relevant information and current news, as well as advice for users, which is useful if you want to know what market trends are or how to change your vehicle’s battery, among other content.

Auto10 also offers its own query forum that will allow you to get in touch with the community to get first-hand answers from other users. If you have doubts about the quality of a car or don’t know what decision to make, don’t hesitate to ask others.

car websites

– This is a large database where you can not only buy second-hand cars, but also new and zero kilometer cars. It has very detailed filters to speed up the search process. You can filter by make and model, version, mileage, price (cash or installment), establish a cost range, whether it includes warranty, year, displacement and much more. offers a direct link to CARFAX, where you can directly check the history of the car you want to buy and have access to vital information such as the vehicle’s use time, inspection history, whether it has been stolen, number of previous owners, information about damages and import data, among others.

Pages to buy used cars

– This website can be described as a portal dedicated to the automotive world that, among other functions, offers a second-hand car search engine. You can also find zero kilometer vehicles and a motorcycle search engine, as well as useful information such as gasoline prices, car technical sheets, a dictionary of mechanical terms and even the latest news about Formula 1.

Car websites

– It has a search engine with filters that can be used to easily find the desired second-hand car. You can search by make, model, province where the vehicle is sold, average price, body type and fuel, among others.

In addition to a second-hand car search engine, you can also find new vehicles, as well as used vans, electric cars, classic cars, caravans and trailers and more. Its catalog has more than 5,000 vehicles.

It also offers a “News” section with news of interest, car analysis, lists of the best cars to buy, tips for buying a car, etc. On the other hand, in the “Services” section you will find technical specifications and car prices, a dealer directory and a car insurance calculator.

Car purchase

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