Wedding farewells are a new trend

Human relationships, including marriages, are intricate. In an era of marital decline, divorce is increasingly perceived as the most valid option for moving forward. Although initially it may seem like an uncelebratory event, wedding showers are on the rise, and have become fashionable.

Wedding farewells

Wedding farewells are a new trend in America and also in Europe

Thanks to social networks, the videos of these celebrations went viral. Those who organize the old and well-known “bachelorette parties” glimpsed a good business. Wedding farewells are a trend in some countries, with Spain, the United States and Argentina as their pioneers.

In the past, divorces generated fears and prejudices that gradually disappeared. Currently, many couples consider divorce as a release from an unhappy marriage or simply because love is over. Whatever the reason, this “new freedom” deserves celebration.

Now divorces are cause for celebration

Until some time ago, the bride and groom gathered with friends and family to celebrate, prior to marriage, the farewell to their single status. However, this celebration is in decline.

In turn, the increase in divorces promoted divorce parties, which are becoming more and more frequent and became a trend. Also known as “married farewell”, they initially began on the part of the women.

However, this new ritual is already fashionable in today’s society. Setting a new trend, in most cases both parties celebrate the completion of their marriage separately.

Knowing more details about wedding farewells

Divorces are increasing, and they turn out to be an unstoppable wave in our society. In Spain alone, divorces in 2022 grew 13% more than in 2021. The total number of divorces in the peninsula during that year was 90,582. The figures show the reason for the trend in the organization of these new celebrations.


The organizers are the same ones that offer bachelor parties. Both farewells are not a simple meeting of friends with the inevitable jokes. Today, most of them include eroticism as a basis, for both men and women.

This has a justification, traditional farewells lasted less time, however, when there is an extra attraction, such as eroticism, people are willing to spend more and increase their consumption during the event.

The origin of these celebrations took place in the United States and was due to a book. Christine Gallagher, an event planner in Los Angeles, published her best-selling book, The Divorce Party Handbook.

She started organizing wedding showers and is becoming a millionaire. As the author says, before, those who divorced lived an ordeal due to the long judicial processes, plus the shame of having failed in the marriage.

Although a wedding farewell does not eliminate or replace the stress experienced, it is like an incentive to face a new life with more stimuli.

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