Wellness lifestyle What is it?

A wellness lifestyle is a lifestyle that focuses on holistic wellbeing, physical and mental, through health-promoting practices, eating nutritious meals, and engaging in activities that bring joy, balance, and happiness. It involves mindfulness, focusing on the present moment, and exploring ways to enrich one’s experience of life.

We would all like to live in fullness and with a better quality of life. This is what the wellness lifestyle is all about, and it is not difficult to achieve. Also, according to the World Health Organization, a wellness lifestyle is a state of perfect physical, social and mental well-being. In other words, it is to feel full, emotionally, spiritually, socially, mentally and physically.

wellness lifestyle
How to lead a wellness lifestyle?

To lead a wellness lifestyle, we must create the conditions that are necessary in every concept, socially, mentally, physically and spiritually. Although the translation of wellness is wellness, the style itself means a state of integral wellness and fullness.

The idea of a life in plenitude was generated by Halbert Dunn in the 1950’s. He said that a state of general well-being is not only to enjoy good health. He suggested then to generate a lifestyle according to the needs of feeling fully, both physically and mentally, as well as emotionally and spiritually. To achieve that stress ceases to be a threat, and we begin to lead a serene life, with less anxiety. For example, laughing is a good antidote to combat both problems.

Thus, the first to grasp the idea were psychologists and practitioners of alternative medicines. Later, however, spa centers, spas and travel agents joined in.

What is Dunn’s proposal?

Dunn proposes, in his wellness lifestyle, a balance in wholeness in six dimensions:

living in fullness

  • Physical plenitudeTo achieve the wellness lifestyle, we must be physically fit and give our body what it needs. A healthy and balanced diet and physical activity according to our age and needs.
  • EmotionallyWe must learn to manage our emotions. Learn to handle stress, frustrations and bad moments. Understanding ourselves and understanding others.
  • Spiritually: on this level, it is not about changing religion. It has nothing to do with religion, but it is about developing ethical and positive values that make us feel fulfilled with ourselves and with others.
  • Mentally: practicing optimism is one of the best ways to achieve happiness on this plane. We can open ourselves to learn new things or practice those activities that make us feel happy. Block in our mind those experiences that were not good and focus on being positive.
  • SociallyBeing in solidarity with others and with the environment will make us better people. A person who thinks only of himself will never achieve full happiness.
  • LaborallyWe spend a lot of time at work and it is essential to feel at ease. Both in interpersonal relationships and in the work itself. The wellness lifestyle increases our performance, our creativity and makes us more proactive.
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