We’re giving away a Motorola Moto G7

This first month of 2021 is not an easy month. In addition to the traditional “January slope” on an economic level, this year the coronavirus pandemic, adverse weather events and a multitude of other catastrophic situations have been added. But we want to add a touch of color to this gray month by launching a contest that is simple and allows one of our readers to win a next generation phone.

We’re not going to make the mechanics too difficult. On this occasion we will not ask you to send us a photo or look for the answer to any particular puzzle. To enter the raffle for the Motorola Moto G7 mobile phone that we are going to offer to all of our readers, you don’t have to pass any difficult tests. Attentive!

All you have to do is enter and subscribe to our Instagram or YouTube accounts to take part in the raffle, which will take place via Gleam.io. From here you can participate:

Win a Motorola Moto G7

You can enter until midnight on January 31st and the winner will receive their mobile phone anywhere in the world. Of course, the winner must be a subscriber to our YouTube channel or follow her Instagram account in order to contact them and receive their prize.

If you want to participate, you can do so through Gleam. Good luck and have a great November! Celebrate with us that there is less left for Christmas!

The winner will be announced through the same website and selected at random through the Gleam.io application. Once the winner is announced we will contact them to request their contact information and send them their prize.

And here in this video you can learn more about the cell phone we delivered:

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