What are FAST TV platforms and how to watch them

List of the best streaming platforms in Venezuela

FAST TV (Free, Ad-Supported Television), is an acronym that refers to streaming platforms to watch series, movies, television programs, live news and on-demand television totally free and legal in exchange for the inclusion of slightly advertising. invasive during transmissions.

Some of the best-known services within this category that allow you to watch TV without the need for an antenna over the Internet are Pluto TV, Tubi TV, Roku Channel, VIX, among others. Without a doubt, it is a magnificent option that also offers you advantages such as the possibility of starting to enjoy programming without any type of registration and on any of your devices.

With the increase in monthly prices for services like Disney Plus or Hulu, and even Netflix’s new restrictive policies, FAST TV is currently booming. Therefore, below, you will be able to delve into some essential aspects about this alternative.

What to watch on FAST television platforms

Unlike what anyone might think, platforms of this type are not limited only to the offer of live TV channels. In fact, many services with these characteristics include on-demand content and different free linear channels with quality programming.

Likewise, several FAST television providers are characterized by having programming schedules full of original productions. Not only that, they also offer classic television programs and even series and movies from famous production companies, such as Peacock TV, which broadcasts the acclaimed series The Office exclusively.

How to access free TV platforms with advertising

It is worth noting that, regardless of the provider, all of the aforementioned options can be enjoyed on any device with an Internet connection and where it is possible to install their respective apps.

However, different types of FAST platforms can also be distinguished according to their compatibility with certain transmission devices.

Such is the case of Samsung TV Plus, a service that can only be accessed through televisions and smartphones from the South Korean manufacturer. The above also occurs with applications such as Roku Channel or WatchFree Plus, the latter only available for owners of Vizio brand smart TVs.

In the vast majority of cases, when it comes to a specific brand, you will be able to get the app pre-installed on your smart TV or streaming device. An example of this is Roku Channel, which comes out of the box on Roku smart TVs, streaming boxes, Roku Stick, etc.

In the case of providers such as Pluto TV, Tubi, VIX, Popcornflix, among others, it will be enough to download the app, which you can usually find easily in the Google Play Store or App Store. Many of these services even have a web version.

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