What are Google Review Summaries?

The summary of the google reviews is kind of “Rich snippet” or structured data used to display three user reviews about the brand. These Excerpts from the reviews The number of users is displayed on the right side of the Google results page (SERP) when a user searches for the brand.

The excerpts that appear in Google Review Summaries come straight from the comments users made on the Google Maps or Google My Business profile.

The ratings displayed in the search result are selected by an algorithm so that they are random and cannot be influenced or whether a positive, negative or neutral rating is displayed. In this sense, they are referred to as a “summary” because they are not displayed in full, only a few lines are displayed as an extract. To read the full review, you’ll need to access the brand’s Google Maps or Google My Business profile.

The summary of the Google ratings is displayed in the «Knowledge Panel» or “Information Panel”, the field with information that is displayed on the right side of the SERP when searching. These fields show pictures of the company as well as all company information such as address, website, phone numbers, opening times and location from Google Maps.

Google’s “Knowledge Panel” is a common result, especially when searching regional companiessuch as restaurants, hotels, medical centers or office buildings. In the following image you can see one of these fields that appears when you search for “Chinese Restaurant”:

As you can see in the image below, you can see the review summary at the bottom of the control panel. In this case, we can see that not only do good comments appear, but everything is there:

Another way to access the reviews is to do so directly through Google Maps. In this case, all you have to do is search for a restaurant, business or brand to access the review summary, as shown in the following image:

On the other hand, Google Select some keywords and highlights them in bold. It is Google’s own algorithm that selects these terms based on the repetitions of those words in the rest of the user reviews and their relevance in the comments. Therefore it is possible to configure or manage this point.

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