What are GPU servers and why they are key in AI and high computing

GPU servers

It is increasingly necessary to process large amounts of data. Artificial Intelligence, 3D games, prediction systems… and any research based on Big Data, in which large-scale calculations need to be carried out, require a high-capacity processor.

Those businesses that carry out these tasks – or any other in which they use computing – need a hosting solution according to the technology they are using. That’s why dinahosting has incorporated the GPU option to its catalog of Dedicated Servers and VPS.

But… let’s go in parts, let’s understand what a GPU is and in what cases they are necessary. Keep reading!

What is a GPU server

You may have started hearing the term GPU a lot lately. Its name is the result of the acronym Graphic Processor Unit, that is, a graphics card with high processing capacity. It is made up of thousands of cores and is capable of carrying out very complex calculations and performing massive data analysis.

A normal processor cannot handle huge amounts of data to analyze. However, a GPU has processors that exponentially increase performance and allow accelerated computing of tasks..

Difference between GPU and CPU


As we told you, while GPUs have thousands of cores to perform data processing in parallel, CPUs have fewer and data processing is done serially.

This means that GPUs can perform multiple tasks at the same timealthough much more complex, while CPUs process one task after anotherwhich makes them slower when working in supercomputing.

The good thing is that they can work together, because while the CPU manages all the tasks, the GPU can focus on those jobs that require greater processing capacity. In fact, since GPUs perform parallel calculations much faster, offloading tasks from CPU to GPU reduces processor consumption.

GPU applications

Not all tasks can be derived to the GPU, but those that can are solved in less time. GPU graphics cards, with their thousands of microprocessors, perform calculations in parallel in up to 8 times less time than the CPU.

In this sense, they can be used in graphics processing to accelerate the rendering of 3D games. Also in fields such as Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, biomedical studies, atmospheric predictions, cryptocurrency mining, etc.

Actually, Any application or job that requires high-performance computing could use a GPU like the one from dinahosting to optimize your processes. It is the 16 GB Nvidia A2 and is found in the new Dedicated Server and VPS models offered by the provider.

Dedicated Servers and VPS with GPU

Businesses focused on high computing can hire a Dedicated Server with GPU, to enjoy resource exclusivity, performance and power at the highest level. In a physical Dedicated Server, independence is total.

On the other hand, VPS with GPU are the perfect option if you need to test applications with high requirements on a virtual machine with a 100% dedicated GPU. This way you have all the processing capacity of GPUs for your SME, but at a lower cost.

Thus, if the programming of your applications is compatible with GPU, you may be interested in hiring a server of this type. You will consume less energy and you will be betting on technology with a lower impact on the environment.


As you see, GPU servers can perform complex queries quickly and without overloading CPUs. Therefore, if you require supercomputing in your project or analysis of large amounts of data, it can be very profitable for you to have a GPU server.

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