What are the best cryptocurrencies to start investing in?

When it comes to getting started in the world of cryptocurrencies, the availability of this type of currency can be overwhelming. There are thousands, as well as a multitude of exchanges (the sites where they are purchased), each with their own offering and not all equally easy to use.

Getting into the world of cryptocurrencies is not easy, and one of the main barriers is knowing which cryptocurrency to choose

This can make choosing a particular cryptocurrency very difficult. However, there are some that are presented as a better option than others when a person enters the cryptocurrency world:

-Bitcoin: Bitcoin is the ultimate crypto. Everyone has heard of it and it is practically ubiquitous: it can be bought on virtually 100% of the exchanges. Although its price is subject to strong fluctuations, as with all cryptos, it is one of the most stable on the market.

When the market is bullish it doesn’t rise as high as altcoins, but when the market collapses it tends to hold up much better.

-Ether: Another of the most famous cryptocurrencies that can probably be purchased on all exchanges that have been and are. Its ecosystem has also spawned all kinds of decentralized financial services (or DeFi) so it is without a doubt a crypto that has a lot of life to come.

In addition, Ethereum hit its all-time high in the same year, which has increased the number of Ethereum whales; Wallets with more than 10,000 ETH.

– Dogecoin: If anyone wants to experience the more volatile side of digital currencies, Dogecoin is one of the best cryptocurrencies out there. It’s a currency that has been at a ridiculous price for most of its existence. At least until this year, in which every Dogecoin has multiplied its value a hundredfold.

Buying and experimenting in small quantities is good cryptocurrency, but betting everything on Doge may not be a good idea. In any case, the brutal rise in price has resulted in this crypto being listed on many exchanges, making it very easy to acquire.

-Point: This crypto is a little more niche, but if you want to dig a little deeper into the world of cryptocurrencies, this is one of the best options. First and foremost, there is a good project behind it, as we tell you in this video, but the most important thing is that operations can be performed a little more advanced than the rest of the cryptos mentioned.

DOT allows you to do staking, which is a way to get passive returns just because you have it. In addition, it is estimated that the Parachains will soon be launched within the DOT network, which is one of its main attractions and that, When they launched their crypto sister Kusama, they increased the price enormously.

Remember that this article is not about financial advice and that any investment involves risks that could result in you losing all of the money you invested.

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