What are the best free video editing services and what makes a good video editing program?

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Audiovisual content is the most in demand among today’s audiences. The fact of being constantly connected to devices has formed us as a society that consumes images at every moment. Therefore, the best way to get popularity on the web is making good quality videos.

One of the primary steps in making good footage is knowing how to edit it. It is during this process that important scenes are chosen and details are polished. Fortunately, nowadays it’s not a requirement to be a film director or animator to design eye-catching videos – with a content management system you can edit them yourself!

Video editors, known in English as video maker, are programs dedicated to facilitate editing for people inexperienced in the field. There are many softwares available on the market that allow you to achieve a professional finish quickly and easily.

One of the best video editing services is Wix Video Maker. It allows you to boost your audiovisual materials to the first search engines.

We are aware that video marketing is one of the strategies that generates the most engagement. Therefore, we present you a list of free editors. So you can decide which one to use according to your needs.

5 free video editing services

There are many video editors on the internet. However, among the free options, we mention the following options.

-Openshot is considered by experts as one of the best freeware. It is open source and has the ability to support multiple formats. It is ideal for making complex animations and arrangements.

-Avidemux is also a very versatile open source software as it supports different operating systems from Windows, Linux and MacOS. Its audio, image and video synchronizations are flawless.

-VSDC Video Editor if you want to get expert level results without paying for it you should try this editor. Its interface is highly intuitive and simple. It is recommended for Youtube campaigns or professional projects.

-Kapwing this editor incorporates a special function to generate memes in case your brand is identified with that hilarious touch. It is a specialized marketing software and has no watermarks.

-DaVinci Resolve 16 well known film and television production companies have used this incredible program to make their materials. With this reference, any description is superfluous, it only remains to try DaVinci to prove their masterful finishes.

Wix and its video editing service

Without a doubt, Wix is the best option. All the sites mentioned above are interesting, but they don’t compete with this CRM.

Among the softwares that compete with this top of the best video editors is the Wix program Video Maker This is a publisher that surpasses any of them as it is focused on functioning as a digital marketing strategy.

In fact, this digital publishing company guarantees that videos created with Wix are able to increase a website’s traffic by 300%. It also increases organic search traffic by 157%.

This means that your website will have 53 times more chances to appear among the first Google search engines. The exceptional quality of your results is due to the professional features of Wix Video Maker:

-Unrestricted access to real photos compiled on Unplash.
-Wix library offers both videos and photos that create visual impact.
-Make videos for social media in wide, portrait or square.
-Use high-resolution multimedia with Shutterstock.
-You can upload 6 different photo file formats and 7 video file formats.
-It has the capacity to receive 15 files and 3.6 GB of video.
-Share your materials on any platform you want.
-Create up to 4 videos for free and then try the benefits of the Ascend plan.


In this article we have not only given some tips on the best video editors you can find on the web. One of the aspects that has stood out during the tour is the preponderance of quality in multimedia content.

It is common to see web pages full of images and audiovisual material “shocking” but without any importance for search engines. Promotion in the digital sphere must be seen through the lens of search engines and potential prospects that approach the product.

Too much visual information could not only cause mental fatigue but errors in overall website efficiency. Not only that, it detracts from the value proposition of a page and hurts the performance of a web portal. The goal should be to exploit the editing resources under a viable strategy.

Today we have tools that our ancestors could not even imagine. Image and video editors exist for mobiles. Of course, Wix is among them.

If your aim is to give your online business extra notoriety, the ideal is to use Wix Video Maker. This is a program that has been widely tested in the field of marketing and SEO to boost eCommerce to the top.

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