What are the “Date Me Docs”, ‘love resumes’ to find a partner on the Internet?


If you are tired of looking for a partner in one of the many mobile dating apps out there, maybe you should try the new trend in online matchmaking, the so-called “Date Me Docs”.

Date Me Docs are written and shared through social networks.

This is how they are known in English, although in Spanish they could be translated as. “curriculums of love”.. In the same way that when you want to find a new job you write your resume and post it on the Internet or send it by e-mail, as well as access professional social networks, the underlying philosophy is similar: write a resume of love for potential job seekers to read.

“Date Me Docs” have become popular on platforms such as Google Docs and Notion, although they can be created on any platform where long text can be included. Basically, in them you have to indicate exactly what you are looking for and what you expect from your potential partner. In many cases, it is a list of requirements that the future candidate will be able to mark as “achieved” or not achieved and check.

The important thing is to write the love document accurately. It should include gender, age, sexual orientation, photographs, curious data … and everything that is considered that can attract the attention of the potential partner.

Once finished, it is time to share it on the Internet so that it reaches potential candidates for a future partner. It should be uploaded to social networks, shared in Instagram publications, send the link to where it is posted by email, place it in the bio of the profile, or make it public in a story…

The more circulation you have among contacts – and contacts of contacts – the more chances of finding love. So, instead of being subjected to the algorithm of a dating app, which determines who might be interesting for our profile, with the “Date Me Doc” you get straight to the point. You explain directly what you want to achieve and get the information to potential contacts in a straightforward manner.

Interested parties, those who also meet most of the requirements, simply contact the person who uploaded the “Date Me doc”. It’s as simple as that.

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