What are the most cutting-edge gadgets and extras for a new car?

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In few places is technology more enjoyable than in a vehicle. The incorporation of the most innovative advances in the automotive sector represents a plus in safety and comfort.. There is an improvement in the satisfaction of taking control of the car, in the pleasure of driving and, also, when it comes to taking out car insurance online, since Insurance companies positively value the latest models and their technological equipment.

If you want to be up to date and enjoy driving even more, then the latest devices that the technological market presents for private vehicles will be presented.

The gadgets that every technology and car lover should have

The technology market is huge, Innovation is constant in relation to the automotive sector. The number of gadgets, accessories and devices that are available could surprise anyone. It is a continually expanding market that is increasingly appreciated by drivers.

1. The latest in GPS navigation

The latest in GPS guides comes from the American GPS device developer and manufacturer Garmin. Its about Garmin DriveSmart 76 EU MT-S, a device that has been designed with the aim of making driving easier. Its advantage over other GPS models lies in its large high resolution touch screen. This Global Positioning System, with advanced functions, allows the maximum precision in navigation100% reliable both in urban areas and on all types of roads and tracks.

2. An innovative hands-free

A device that manages to increase driving safety Ostensibly they are the devices that connect to the cell phone through Bluetooth, preventing the driver from having to divert his attention from the road to be able to talk to someone. The latest trend in these devices is called Sunitec Hands-Free Car 5.0. A communication device specially designed to create a free, unlimited and convenient communication. It will be enough to create the connection with the Smartphone the first time so that it occurs automatically every time the driver sits in the vehicle.

3. ADAS system for safe driving

The technology to effectively reduce the risks of suffering an accident while driving exists. Called ADAS, which stands for Advanced Driving Assistance Systems. These devices have a direct effect on the reduction of fees when contracting insurance with a company. The most common systems are AEB (Autonomous Emergency Braking)which in addition to braking acoustically warns the driver, the LKA (Lane Departure Warning) alerting the pilot when the lane limit is exceeded with vibrations in the driver’s seat, with sounds or with light. There are also devices such as DDD (Fatigue Detection) that through infrared cameras detect the driver’s attention while driving and the devices for blind spot monitoringcapable of reporting on other road users who cannot be seen in the rearview mirror.

4. Cameras

A gadget that is gaining great popularity is the Topsale-ycld 4.3”1080P Dual Lens Car Auto DVR Mirror, as it combines a rear camera and a front camera in a rearview mirror of only 4.3”. With this device you get an effective formula to record on video any situation that occurs while driving. The capture of videos during trips is done in high quality, thanks to the fact that the front camera has a resolution of 1080P. For its part, the camera located in the back of the car, without having as much image quality, represents an unrivaled help for recording what happens in this part and also for parking and carrying out reverse maneuvers safely.

Other gadgets that are worth knowing and using are the VALEO Beep & Park Kit (Parking sensors), the Hero Driver LED Pack 2 UN (Approved V16 Beacon), the Genevo GPS+ High End Spain / Europe (radar warning), the ATOTO A6PF Android Radio 2 DIN (Wireless CarPlay) or the handpressa 12V portable coffee maker (Handcoffee Auto), among others.

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