What are the new Chromebook Plus like?

Chromebook laptop

Chromebook Plus is the new generation of computers that follow Google’s guidelines, although they are initially manufactured by Acer, Asus and HP.

The strict characteristics that Google imposes on these devices focus especially on the implementation of Artificial Intelligence in the equipment. The novelty comes a decade after the previous specifications of the first generation Chromebook computers.

Thus, customizing Chrome OS, the operating system on which these devices operate, optimizes the performance of both hardware and software to improve the user experience. Particular emphasis has been placed on Chromebook Plus laptops being most accessible devices possible while increasing your performance.

Features of the new Chromebook Plus

The first Chromebook Plus devices that have been launched have been made by manufacturers Acer, Asus and HP.

All of them integrate 12th generation Intel Core processors (or later) or AMD Ryzen 3 7000 series processors (or later). The RAM memory has now been expanded, doubling to 8 Gb of RAM (expandable) while the storage capacity starts at 128 Gb.

Improvements in the minimum specifications have also reached the screen, which is now at least Full HD 1080p resolution thereby significantly improving the user experience when playing videos or reading documents.

As for the operating system itself, Chrome OS has now reinforced the possibilities for customizing the environment and the user interface such as dynamic wallpapers, capable of displaying landscapes that vary depending on the time of day or real-world weather conditions. .

Progress has also been made in the configuration of the access to different online and Cloud services from the desktop and, enhancing the features available to these devices, not only access to applications from the Google ecosystem is facilitated but also to others such as Photoshop.

Chromebook Plus also continues to allow file syncing even without an internet connection through Google Drive.

The arrival of artificial intelligence

But without a doubt the biggest novelty is the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) functions in the functions of the Chromebook Plus devices. This will allow, for example, to improve the video calling experience, not only due to the higher resolution camera but also due to the application of AI to video conferences through Google Meet, Zoom or Teams.

Lighting, audio, background noise, focus… are some of the aspects that AI can improve automatically. You can even apply HDR effects by improving brightness and contrast.

AI is also applied to DuetAI tools and features in Google Workspace, and the ability to generate AI-generated images that can be used as wallpaper based on user descriptions will soon be added.

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