What are the outlets for 3D animation?

fp 3D design

The relationship between technology and design is getting closer and closer, as a result of the optimizations that the first one achieves on the second one. Companies from different sectors related to telecommunications require the most specialized and avant-garde techniques and knowledge on the development of multimedia elements. It is a branch that is in continuous growth and therefore more and more people opt for the FP 3D Animation as a quality training and adapted to the current demand. This subject has the advantage of a perfect adaptation to the possibilities offered by the Internet and digital connections. It is constantly improving, as a result of the important investments made by powerful technological sectors. The result is a modern and updated teaching, in which students obtain technical and cognitive skills of high value to develop their working career in a technique whose future has many expectations.

The Superior Degree in 3D Animation trains technicians who go to the labor market with many possibilities of obtaining a contract, in a booming industry that constantly asks for new blood to renew its product and remain at the forefront. The professional possibilities go through different groups of companies, related to a wide range of sectors such as audiovisual, web development, architecture, various engineering or video games. The use of cutting-edge technologies and the use of a powerful and adapted graphic design is a very common need that will be reinforced during the current decade.


The 2D or 3D animator is one of the most frequent job opportunities in this type of studio. It is the person in charge of creating images in three dimensions and providing them with movement, all this through a computer and under the initial premise of a specific and clearly defined concept. The particularity of 3D is that it takes into account the three dimensions (length, width and depth), so the result is a realistic design that requires a high level of knowledge in this matter. Spain is a market that invests heavily in this professional, because it is the fifth country in the world with the highest production of animations. The most recent data indicate that a professional with this profile obtains an average salary of around 50,000 euros per year..

A lesser known job that also requires this type of training is that of interposer. Such a figure is responsible for making intermediate drawings between certain key positions, which is a very specific process. Although it is more automated, it requires specific knowledge. It is present in many companies related to the creation of animations.

Web sites and applications.

The development of applications and websites is, nowadays, one of the most common needs for many companies, individuals and institutions. Practically all the brands present in the market, as well as Administrations, have their space on the Internet. The most powerful groups try to make a difference with a more developed and quality product, which requires certain techniques that are reserved for a specific professional. The digital graphic designer moves in this field and performs the function of putting image, video and typography to the concept developed by the programmers. Their work is displayed both on the control panel and in the space open to the public.

Video games and multimedia integration.

The video game industry is among the leaders in the demand for senior 3D animation technicians. It is a product that demands excellence, due to the high competition and the high demands of the public. In this scenario, the experts in this field find many professional opportunities, such as special effects technician (a profile that can also be applied to the world of film and television), developer and editor of multimedia products or generator of virtual spaces.. These are jobs that, although they can be framed in other companies, are in high demand in the video game sector.

The development of the characters that are handled in a video game console requires a powerful previous work, in which the professional is in charge of generating each profile, framed in a specific virtual space, from some images and ideas that are configured through the application of computer programs. Special effects are another concept with which the public is familiar. They have been seeing them for decades in the film product, and their evolution has been continuous and evident. The person in charge of achieving this result obtains some teachings that are offered in a fp of 3D animations.

The multimedia integrator is another example of an employment opportunity as a result of this type of training. It is the person who is in charge of developing magazines and similar publications in digital format, to be presented in a commercial environment, both to companies and individuals. In a digitalized world, it is a very common need and requires certain techniques.

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