What are the “smart features” Gmail is asking for to activate?

Gmail sends notifications to users to accept the smart features in the post manager. However, the notification does not explain what it is about, leaving many reluctant to accept or do so without knowing what they are giving their endorsement for.

If smart functions are not accepted in Gmail, the email service may be limited to functional material such as filtering emails and access to smart texts

So that you can properly assess what you accept or have given, if you have already done so, we’ll explain what he means by these smart features. They are the tools that are activated so that, for example, the e-mail service can perform the smart typing function and auto-complete the text according to the user’s writing. Another function allows you to extract data on events from e-mails and thus automatically create calendar entries, while another function automatically filters messages and adds them to various inboxes.

These are just a few of Gmail’s smart features. If you do not accept these terms, Google will indicate that the functions of Gmail will be limited because these functions cannot be used.

When activated, the company will also ask the user to be able to access relevant information such as restaurant reservations, travel routes, purchase of tickets, tickets, loyalty cards, etc. in order to personalize the user experience and improve the functions of other services such as Google Assistant, Google Maps, Travel and Play Store.

How to turn off smart features in Gmail

Although the features are activated automatically once the request sent by Gmail is accepted, you can undo them if you change your mind. To do this, you need to follow the steps below:

– Go to the Gmail app and open the menu on the left by pressing the three horizontal lines in the top left corner of the screen.

– Find the “Settings” option and select the account that you want to disable functionality for.

– At the bottom, find the Smart Features and Personalization option and click on it.

– Finally click on “Deactivate functions”. The smart features of Gmail are automatically disabled in your account.

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