What are the young ‘hikikomori’?

teenage isolation

The phenomenon of hikikomori is a reality increasingly present in our society, especially in countries such as Japan, where it has acquired greater visibility.

Not all adolescents who use technology intensively become. hikikomori

This term, which comes from Japanese, translates as “withdrawn” or “isolated.” It refers to people, mainly adolescents and young adults, who choose to isolate themselves socially and withdraw from life in society.

While this phenomenon has multiple causes and influencing factors, the excessive use of technology has been shown to be a major contributor to adolescent social and family isolation.

In today’s digital age, the constant access to electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers provides young – and not so young – people with an avenue for virtual communication and entertainment. However, their excessive use also generates a dependency that can have detrimental effects.

Social disconnection due to excessive use of technology.

One of the main problems arising from the excessive use of technology is. social disconnection. Adolescents spend many hours immersed in the digital world, interacting through social networks, instant messaging and online games. This can lead to a gradual distancing from face-to-face relationships.

Virtual communication, while seemingly connected, lacks the same emotional depth and real bonds that are established in the offline world. This can lead to a sense of loneliness and isolation. Young people do not develop social skills and do not find the emotional support that human interaction provides. direct.

Family and social isolation

In addition, the use of technology can lead to family isolation. Many adolescents spend long hours in their rooms in front of screens, disconnecting from family life and limiting communication with parents and siblings.

Technology becomes a constant distraction that makes it difficult to bond and participate in family activities. Moments of dialogue and quality time are replaced by virtual interaction, which can generate tensions and difficulties in family relationships.

It is important to note that not all adolescents who use technology intensively become hikikomori.

The phenomenon is multifaceted and is often related to other factors, such as academic pressure, social stress, lack of coping skills, and anxiety.

However, excessive use of technology can be a triggering and aggravating factor in the tendency toward social and family isolation.

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