What are VSCO girls, the new phenomenon that is triumphing on the Internet?

VSCO girls

What are VSCO girls? But first of all, what is VSCO? VSCO is an application available for both Android and iOS that has a similar operation to Instagram, where sometimes the number of posts is not the important thing.

VSCO is an app available for both iOS and Android.

The difference is that it is intended for those users who want to share and discover a little more elaborate and professional content. In addition, it allows you to edit images with a large number of tools and to add a large number of filters. It is, therefore, a social network in which users seek to share photographs in a certain style, with some quality, without the need to focus on the number of “likes”.

The images uploaded to this platform are characterized by having a very marked and characteristic style. Something that makes it possible to differentiate a normal image from a VSCO image. This means that many Internet users qualify the consumers of this social network as VSCO users. Although there are men’s accounts, this platform is defined, above all, by having a very strong and characteristic style, which makes it possible to differentiate a normal image from a VSCO image. huge female audience. It is mostly young girls who are registered on this social network. They are called VSCO Girls or, directly, “VSCO girls”.

As is the case with other social groups, “VSCO girls” are characterized by wearing very similar clothing and sharing tastes and cultural references. First and foremost, and as mentioned above, the appearance is what makes it possible to detect a VSCO girl.

A VSCO girl usually carries a water bottle, preferably Hydro Flask brand or the same style, covered with Redbubble stickers. In addition, they also carry a scrunchie, although not exactly for their hair, but to put it on their wrist as if it were a bracelet. They usually wear a short top or a T-shirt with a much larger size than the wearer.

When they wear something around their neck, it is usually a shell necklace and, if they wear a backpack, it is usually a Fjällräven backpack. Concerned about the environment, they always carry a reusable metal straw with them. Here are some examples of the above-mentioned accessories.

Some “VSCO girls” have even made posts explaining their transformation through other platforms, as this phenomenon is not only on the VSCO social network, it also extends to Instagram, Snapchat or YouTube.

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