What can you buy with Bitcoins?

Bitcoin Pedestal

The Bitcoin phenomenon is already far from being something new. The queen of cryptocurrencies, responsible for a real paradigm shift in the context of monetary transactions (it is the first reliable payment method that does not involve third parties such as banks or financial institutions), far from ceasing to grow, continues its rise, and its use begins to democratize to reach increasingly diverse sectors and commercial areas.

Although it is necessary to take into account some of the limitations associated with the use of this system, such as its high energy consumption or transaction costs (which, despite having been adjusted, are still appreciable), its expansion by all types of digital stores and also by many physical establishments, highlights the advantages it offers and its potential for a future in which digitization and online commerce seem an undeniable reality.

With a current value that today exceeds 40,000 euros, the cryptocurrency par excellence seems to be more than settled as an alternative to traditional means of payment. But is it really? Are Bitcoins a real alternative to fiat money? Could we do without physical money and subsist with these cryptocurrencies? To answer this question we must ask ourselves this other one: What can you buy with Bitcoins?

The truth is that bitcoin (and with it the whole range of cryptocurrencies that have been emerging as a result of the irruption of this phenomenon) are not yet an alternative as such to money, but it is no less true that it is getting closer and closer to being one. In addition to operating on the deepweb and being the means of payment for all kinds of businesses and transactions that escape legality, bitcoins are beginning to be adopted as a method for transactions in a variety of sectors, from technology to real estate, through leisure and even hospitality.

Many online platforms have jumped on the cryptocurrency bandwagon, and more and more of them, anticipating the expansion of the use of this system, are beginning to allow payment with this digital currency. Companies like Fotocasa (real estate sector), Destinia, Surf Air and Cheap Air (leisure sector), G2A or Games Planet (video games sector), Lush (cosmetics sector), Showroomprive (fashion sector), Shopify (eCommerce), Microsoft, WordPress or ExpressVPN (technology and computer sector) or Greenpeace, Wikipedia or Save The Children (non-profit organizations); are just some of the examples that many big players in a variety of sectors have seen the adoption of Bitcoins as a payment method as a giant step towards the digital transformation and commerce of the future. It is also something that is happening more and more in the events and catering sector. With applications like Coinmap, we can get a better idea of the establishments in our area that allow this system.

So you know, if you have Bitcoins and your eWallet and you need some clothes, want to take a trip, or you’re feeling altruistic, the door to cryptocurrencies is increasingly open. And of course, in everything that has to do with the world of technology and computing (buying domains, paying for VPN subscriptions, video games or technological gadgets), the use of bitcoins is becoming more and more the order of the day.

We must take into account the problem of security and volatility of this type of coins when operating with them, since the coin is identified with a hash that anyone will be able to use in our place if they get hold of it or that will disappear if we do not keep them properly.

That is why it is advisable to use a good electronic wallet and secure connections, preferably encrypted with a quality VPN when using this type of currency in our payments

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