What Digg is and how it works

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Digg is a content aggregation and curation website. which allows users to vote and comment on stories. Founded in 2004 by Kevin Rose, Alexis Ohanian and Joshua Schachter, it became a very popular source of information, especially at the end of the first decade of the 21st century. Subsequently, it lost some interest, but continues to be an important place to find interesting content.

Digg offers access to a wide range of content of all kinds, customizing the categories that most interest the user

Digg was bought in 2014 by BetaNetworks, who launched a complete redesign of the portal months later. Now, Digg users can find not only breaking news and analysis articlesbut also videos, images, memes and other types of viral content that have become an integral part of online culture.

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How to sign up for Digg

Signing up on Digg is a simple process that will allow access to a wide range of content selected by the community. To do so, follow these steps:

-Visit the website.

-Create an account: On the Digg home page, look for the registration or login option, providing a valid email address, choose a username and a secure password.

-Customize interests: Once the account is created, Digg will ask to customize the user’s interests, selecting from existing categories those that are most appealing. This will help the platform to display relevant content of interest to the user.

-Explore and discover content: Once you have completed the registration process you can now explore the content Digg offers.

-Vote and share: Digg allows users to vote for content you find most interesting or valuable. The more votes a content receives, the more chances it has to gain visibility on the platform. It is also possible to share content with friends and followers on social networks.

-Customize the experience: As you use Digg, the platform will learn more about your preferences and show you content that is increasingly aligned with your interests through the action of an algorithm, ensuring that the Digg experience is as relevant and engaging as possible.

How voting works on Digg

One of the distinguishing features of Digg is that it allows voting and commenting on stories, with a system very similar to that of the Spanish platform Meneame.

Users can vote for stories they like, and the stories with the most votes appear at the top of the page. This helps ensure that the best stories are the first to be seen by other users. It also provides an important source of traffic to the media and web portals that have published that story that made it to the Digg front page.

Moreover, stories can also be commented on, allowing the community to engage in a conversation about the news. Users can rate the comments of other users, thus providing them with a score and greater relevance on the platform.

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