What do you need to mine cryptocurrencies and how much does it cost? [Vídeo]

What You Need To Mine Cryptocurrencies Cryptos

Cryptocurrencies can be obtained in two ways: buying them in exchanges, or mining them. The latter is a process that we already talked about in this video, but basically, and in a very short way, it consists of putting your computer to work for the blockchain network, which in return gives rewards in the form of cryptos. In today’s video we tell you what components you need to mine cryptocurrencies and how much they cost:

You may have heard that there is virtually no stock of graphics cards and those that can be found have completely inflated prices. It’s true, and this situation is largely due to cryptocurrency mining. Graphics cards, or GPUs, are the main components needed to mine cryptos like Ethereum and Bitcoin, which has led to a huge demand and a huge shortage.

We tell you what components you need to start mining cryptocurrencies and how much each of them costs

In the mining rig (the name by which computers dedicated to mining cryptocurrencies are known) that we have assembled, the graphics card is by far the most expensive component. In fact, more than 50% of the total price corresponds to the GPU.

While with only one graphic the economic performance is not very highThis rig can give about 8 euros per day mining Ethereum, to which should be deducted the price of electricity, as the rig must be constantly mining. In addition, it is expandable, which means that you can connect more graphics cards to increase its power.

If you want to get started in the world of mining and don’t know what you need, our video gives you a list of the basic components needed to get started and make some profit. In the next video, we will explain how to set it up and configure it to start mining.

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