What does a PC need to survive the PS5 and Xbox Series X?

Thanks to the recent leaks, we are pretty clear about the potential that new generation consoles will offer, and we have all the information we need to evaluate them What a PC needs to optimally survive the PS5 and Xbox Series X.that is, to withstand the transition that will mark the new generation of consoles in the world of video games.

The presentation of both consoles left us with very important clues: the Standardization of SSD and ray tracing, the integration (finite) of a High performance processorand the assumption of a Next generation graphic architecture This will significantly improve the performance over the current generation. These three keys form the basis with which we can easily find out which components a PC needs to survive the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

It is not the first time we have spoken about this problem. By the time we published this guide which is supposed to go into evaluating the components of a PC at the PS5 level, we were able to check this with the latest leaks We were not misled at all.

However, I know that many of our readers have doubts about this topic, and that’s why we have encouraged ourselves to write an updated guide in line with the latest official information (and trustworthy leaks) that has been published. In this guide we will explain in a simple way Everything we need for our PC to keep up during the transition that will mark the new generation of consoles. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments. I will be happy to help you with the solution.

What does a PC need to survive the PS5 and Xbox Series X?

1. Building a PC to survive the PS5 and Xbox Series X: the processor

It is a fact that developments focused on PS4 and Xbox One have resulted in significant stagnation at the CPU level today. When both consoles came out in 2013, a processor was required two cores and four threadsbut the truth is that in the pc world already We’ve had quad-core processors since 2006, the date the first Intel Core 2 Quad arrived.

When the PS3 and Xbox 360 gave up We see the final leap to quad-core processorsWith the release of CPU-level resources experienced by the PS4 and Xbox One and the launch of the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, a new leap took place that led them to take advantage of the processors four cores and eight threadsand partly that of six cores.

This means that with a few exceptions, with a processor with four cores and eight threads we are currently achieving the “optimal” level, a reality that it will not change drastically and instantly with the arrival of new generation consoles, as there will be a pronounced coexistence of generations, but that it will evolve over the years, as we expected in this article.

If you have an eight thread quad core processor, don’t worry, you can keep it right now and don’t have to change it anytime soon. However, it is likely that signs of exhaustion will appear within a year or two as more developments target next-generation consoles with processors mounted on them Zen 2 with 8 cores and 16 threads.

What does a PC need to survive the PS5 and Xbox Series X? 36

What processor does a PC need to survive the PS5 and Xbox Series X?

Since both consoles use a Zen 2 CPU with less L3 cache (only 8 MB) and relatively low frequencies, The performance is well below that of a Zen 2 processor Desktop and position closer to what we can expect from a Zen-based CPU that runs at the same frequency.

We must also remember that both consoles’ systems reserve resources at the CPU level. Sony hasn’t finalized anything yet, however Microsoft said a core and two threads are reserved on Xbox Series X what would leave 7 cores and 14 threads free for developers.

If we put all of this into context, we can draw a very clear conclusion, and that is it from a Ryzen 7 1700 We would already be ready to make this transition smoothly. Other processors with fewer cores and threads, such as Ryzen 5 2600 and Ryzen 5 3600should also comply with them without any problems.

What does a PC need to survive the PS5 and Xbox Series X? 38

2. Building a PC for PS5 and Xbox Series X: RAM and VRAM

Both consoles have 16 GB of unified GDDR6 memoryThis means that it starts from the same base that we saw in the previous generation and also in Xbox 360 (PS3 did not adopt this model as it used 256MB as RAM and 256MB as VRAM).

Have a consistent storage architecture has its advantages as it is a more flexible model This allows for a higher level of optimization and customization based on the specific needs of each development.

However, we shouldn’t be mistaken that this equates to 16GB of RAM and graphics memory. Although there is no physical division, these 16 GB GDDR6 serve the function of both types of memoryThis means that the data and instructions that the CPU and GPU need as well as the textures must be considered.

Microsoft also confirmed this Xbox series 2.5 GB of memory is reserved for the system and about applications, which means that 13.5 GB is free for gaming. Sony didn’t say anything, but PS5 should be on a par with Xbox Series X.

These 13.5 GB of unified GDDR6 memories are used as system RAM and VRAM. This means that a PC with, for example, 8 GB RAM and a 6 GB graphics card VRAM would exceed this value at a total of 14 GB. In this case, however, it is not a question of a unified memory we therefore lack this flexibility that offers uniform storage.

We will easily understand it using an example. A developer could design a game that uses 9 GB of unified Xbox Series X memory for CPU and system data, the other 4.5 GB for textures and graphics. The game would work perfectly on this console, however In the PC example we have given, this can lead to problems before, as it has 6 GB of graphics memory but only 8 GB of RAM. I think the idea is pretty well understood.

What does a PC need to survive the PS5 and Xbox Series X? 40

How much RAM and VRAM does a PC need to survive the PS5 and Xbox Series X?

The conclusion is pretty straightforward. It is true that with configurations of 8GB of RAM and 4GB of graphics memory we can still enjoy most current games using 1080p resolutions, but a PC that wants to completely survive the PS5 and Xbox Series X. that is, during its entire life cycle, You need much higher values.

In the case of RAM, I understand that With 16 GB we have more than enough. In terms of graphic memory, we’ve already seen a clear upward trend that confirms this 8 GB will be the new standard. Some games may require a larger amount of graphics memory, but I don’t think having a larger amount of memory is important unless Sony and Microsoft decide to show it a PS5 Pro and an updated Xbox Series X.

If applicable, graphics cards with 8 GB of memory could come up short, as with the 2 GB in the current generation.

What does a PC need to survive the PS5 and Xbox Series X? 42

3.-Building a PC to survive the PS5 and Xbox Series X: the graphics card

This will be one of the central pillars To shape a PC that can truly outlast the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Both Sony and Microsoft have confirmed the specifications of the GPUs for both consoles.

We know they will be based on that RDNA 2 architectureand that its ray tracing hardware adopts a common resource structure with the texturing units, which implies that, aside from last-minute surprises, It won’t reach the level of ray tracing offered by the NVIDIA RTX 20.

To get a better idea of ​​what graphics card a PC needs to survive the PS5 and Xbox Series X, let’s first look at the following: the specifications of both consoles and their closest equivalents within the AMD Radeon RX 6000 series:

PS5 GPU specifications

  • Semi-custom RDNA 2 architecture (would not incorporate all key functions).
  • 2,304 shaders at 2.29 GHz (dynamic frequency, maximum peak).
  • 144 texturing ray trackers (cannot concurrently perform texture ray operations).
  • 64 grid units.
  • 256-bit bus.
  • 16 GB GDDR6 memory at 14 GHz, giving a bandwidth of 448 GB / s.

Closest equivalence: Radeon RX 6700

  • Navi 22 graphics core at 7 nm (RDNA 2 architecture).
  • 36 active CUs with 2,304 shaders.
  • Unspecified working frequency, should also be around 2 GHz.
  • 144 texturing units, also for ray tracing.
  • 64 grid units.
  • 192-bit bus.
  • 8 GB 14 GHz GDDR6 memory.

What does a PC need to survive the PS5 and Xbox Series X? 44

Xbox Series X GPU specifications

  • RDNA 2 architecture made in 7 nm.
  • 3,328 shaders at 1,825 MHz.
  • 208 texturing ray trackers (cannot concurrently perform texture ray operations).
  • 80 grid units.
  • 320-bit bus.
  • 16 GB of unified GDDR6 memory, of which 10 GB has a bandwidth of 560 GB / s and 6 GB has a bandwidth of 336 GB / s.

Closest equivalence: Radeon RX 6800

  • Navi 21 XL graphics core at 7 nm (RDNA 2 architecture).
  • 64 active CUs with 4,096 shaders.
  • 1.815 MHz-2.105 MHz GPU, normal and turbo mode.
  • 256 texturing units also dedicated to ray tracing (they cannot do texture ray operations at the same time).
  • 102 grid units.
  • 256-bit bus.
  • 8-16 GB 16 GHz GDDR6 memory.

As we see In the case of PS5, there is an almost identical equivalenceThis doesn’t apply to the Xbox Series X, however, which makes it quite difficult to find the exact graphical solution we need to put together a PC capable of being at its height. All in all, we can give you a pretty good estimate. Let’s see.

What does a PC need to survive the PS5 and Xbox Series X? 46

What graphics card does a PC need to survive the PS5 and Xbox Series X?

We have to distinguish between PS5 and Xbox Series X, as the second has a more powerful GPU than the first. According to Sony, PS5 can maintain the frequency of 2.23 GHz at the GPU level in a stable way and will have one 256-bit busThis means that it is slightly above the Radeon RX 6700 (if the specs we listed are confirmed).

The Radeon RX 6700 will be a low to medium range graphics card, ie an economical solution that will cost around 199 euros and will be competitive in the area of ​​the RTX 2060-RX 5700.

In the case of the Xbox Series X, we have a GPU halfway between the Radeon RX 6700 XT and the Radeon RX 6700 XTwhat exactly puts it in the middle range. We don’t have any direct equivalency, but as I said at the time, I think that in gross performance (but in the ray tracing feature) it is most likely a little above the RTX 2070 and more or less at the level of a RX 5700 XT.

Let’s connect the dots and close with a conclusion. If all of the leaks we’ve seen in the AMD Radeon RX 6000 series are fixed, A Radeon RX 5700 XT would set the level a PC would need PS5 and Xbox Series X to survive. Since both consoles can be further optimized, it is recommended to have a graphical solution that is one level higher.

What does a PC need to survive the PS5 and Xbox Series X? 48

4. Building a PC to survive the PS5 and Xbox Series X: the SSD

It’s the last piece of the puzzle. As we know, Both consoles will give up the hard drive in favor of an SSDThis is a very successful move that marks an important leap and allows one of the three major limitations that today’s generation consoles have to face.

PS5 will use a high-performance SSD Speed ​​up to 5.5 GB / s (uncompressed), while Xbox Series X provides an SSD that operates at a speed of up to 2.4 GB / s (even without compression). The differences between the two storage units in terms of speed are very large, and this has led to strong doubts among users who are not clear about what type of SSD to mount in order to overcome this transition that marks the new generation.

We can assume that the PS5 SSD is used in the exclusive titles developed for this consoleand the adaptations of some of them that reach the PC can do the same thing, that is, that they are able to take advantage of PCIE Gen4 x4 SSD units. However, this does not mean that a unit of this type is essential.

Cross-platform developments are ongoing considering the slower systemi.e. PS4 and Xbox One in the generation transition and Xbox Series X once the transition is complete. Several developers have already confirmed this. So rest assured that a PCIE Gen3 x4 NVMe SSD is still perfectly valid.

What does a PC need to survive the PS5 and Xbox Series X? fifty

What SSD does a PC need to survive the PS5 and Xbox Series X?

We’ll talk about both capacity and speed. As we expected The lowest common denominator is determined by Xbox Series X. Once the transition to the next generation is complete, it means that every PCIE Gen3 SSD will have a transfer speed of 2.4 GB / s will allow us to meet without any problems

Have a high performance SSD This is especially important when this transition is completeWith the elimination of file duplication, a technique used to improve loading times on mechanical drives, to a large extent, next-generation game optimization will revolve around the SSD.

You can install games on hard drives, but I’m sure you can Loading times become unbearableand what will they give Problems loading textures and other graphic elements (popping). In terms of capacity, it is clear that the ideal is not to lose 1 TB.

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