What does POV mean on social networks?

What does POV mean in Tiktok?

The Internet and especially social media are changing the way we live the way we communicate. Social platforms and online games have given rise to expressions such as “RAWR”, “MDLR” or “LOL” which are used to express laughter or a mood. One such expression, which is gaining prominence thanks to TikTok trends is POV. But what does it mean?

The acronym “POV” serves to show a point of view, usually personal, with which social network users can show their feelings.

We’ve all come across the term “POV” among the most common tags on Tiktok and I’m sure many of us have wondered at some point what these letters stand for. POV is the acronym for “Point of View”which translates to “point of view”. Basically, it is used to describe the perspective from which certain videos are shot, usually “POV” is used for videos shot in first person.

In this sense, the “POV” tag is used for content created from a personal point of view or first person. This tag is widely used in videos recorded with GoPro type sports cameras and whose perspective puts us in the shoes of the person recording the video, conveying the intensity of the moment.

Although “POV” is not only used to tag adventure videos, but has hundreds of uses. Another common use tends to be the humorous videos which aim to show the point of view that users have about a particular place or space. In this sense, it is quite common to find humorous videos with the hashtag “POV” on Tiktok, but also on Instagram and even on Twitter, as can be seen in the following tweet:

On the other hand, these acronyms are also often used, accompanied by an image or meme to show a user’s point of view or how they feel about a particular topic or situation.

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