What does RAWR mean on the internet and on social networks?

In itself, the word “Rara” means nothing in the Spanish language. However, the language of the social networks is much faster than that of the dictionaries, and this onomatopoeia has a very clear meaning for many users.

Rwar means I love you in dinosaur language and it is the perfect phrase to use to relieve tension in a conversation.

“Rawr” is one of the buzzwords in social networks, it is a textual representation of a sound: that Roar of a dinosaur. But it is not a wild dinosaur as you can see it in Jurassic Park, but a “kawai” dinosaur or, as you could say in Spanish, a monkey dinosaur. In this sense, “Rawr” is a grunt and its meaning in this metalanguage of networks: “I love you”, but in the language of the dinosaurs.

It is often used to downplay when a person pretends to be offended or when they say they are upset when they know they are not. It is also often used to relieve tension in an online conversation. On the other hand, “Rawr” is almost always (or rather always) used along with the image that depicts the dinosaur and is quite iconic as you can see below.

Rwar Messenger

The expression gave a name to a messaging app “Rawr Messenger”, which is based on communication via emojis and animations. One of the features that make it unique is that the app translates a message into animation when the user writes it. To do this, he uses customizable avatars in what may be a strange combination of Sims and Haboo. Hashtags or tags can be used on avatars to perform actions like dancing, kissing, or “high five”.

The app was originally only available for iOS, but has unfortunately been removed from the Apple Store. A version for Android is now available. However, if you download APK it is not an official application so security issues can arise.

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