What does WTF mean and where does it come from?

WTF comes from the internet along with other words and phrases like MDLR and is widely used on social networks, although many users don’t know what it means and are lost when they see it.

WTF is the abbreviation for “What the fuck” and is used to show surprise and astonishment

It is a term that is widely used today, especially in the context of some social networks such as Twitter, but also on platforms such as YouTube, as it is usually widely used by streamers and youtubers.

The acronym WTF actually comes from an English vulgarism whose acronym stands for “What the hell?”. The Spanish translation could be something like, “What the hell?” or “But what are you telling me?” when the term that is usually used is actually a bit harder. It is a term used to express surprise, outrage, amazement, or disbelief. Put simply, it’s an exclamation point when users can’t believe what they’re seeing.

Previously, WTF was also the acronym for the World Taekwondo Federation, which changed its representative acronym to WT when the term became so popular on the Internet. It was also used in the tennis world to denote the ATP World Tour Final, also known as the Masters Cup or Masters Cup. It’s a tournament that takes place at the end of the season and the top eight participate. Tennis player of the annual ranking.

This internet-born phrase – along with others like Rawr, which is used to say “I love you” in the language of the dinosaurs – is an acronym that is as popular as these others we review:

-LOL: LOL is another acronym in English, this time it is “Laughing out Loud” which translates as “laugh very loud”. In short, it’s a way of saying that something is very funny.

-BFF: Other popular acronyms on the Internet that are the acronym for “Best Friends Forever”, which means “best friends forever” for short.

-OH MY GOD: Again, this is the acronym for “Oh my God” which means “Oh my God!” Means. and it’s a way of expressing surprise, albeit in a different way than «WTF. However, “WTF” shows some stupor or confusion while “OMG” is used to show profound surprise.

-FIY: This acronym means “For your information”, which means “For your information” in Spanish, so it is widely used in messages and e-mails.

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