What financial trends will be present this year?

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2023 has finished landing and many investors and economists are adjusting their financial strategies to get the best possible returns on their savings. In that sense, many consider that it is time to leave behind the negative streaks that emerged after the pandemic and the war in Ukraine. What to expect in the coming months? Everything you need to know.

Every year presents a new landscape when it comes to thinking about the economy at the macro and micro levels. While, at the national level, some indicators begin to show encouraging numbers, the figures at the global level are still far from the desired ones. However, according to the view and analysis of different specialists, 2023 is a year to start thinking positively again. In this sense, thousands of Spaniards have started to move.

When we talk about the great boom of online finance, a phenomenon that had its main boom during the pandemic months, we are not only referring to finding the cheapest mobiles on the web, but to the measures taken to safeguard the value of savings and recover lost ground.

In that sense, tools such as investment platforms earned a place in the daily lives of citizens and savers.

Something similar happened after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, a conflict that continues to this day: small and medium-sized savers sought to cope with the bearish context of the markets. Looking ahead to 2023, it is the IT trends that are making their presence felt in the financial world.

That is why in the following article we will review the main issues to keep in mind for the coming months, as well as a series of tips and tools that we believe will help you to have a good performance. Let’s start.

1) The era of online platforms: activities such as trading are incredibly popular in Spain, especially among younger investors and savers. This can be seen with the large number of university students who decide to jump into the markets, even at a much younger age than their parents.

The facilities to close and open positions, as well as to operate with different financial instruments have generated that trading is no longer an open secret to become a strategy increasingly adopted by all. But what do we talk about when we talk about trading?

The term in English refers to the trading and exchange of assets in a very short time. New technologies allow that time to be practically a matter of seconds. Investors seek to profit from price differentials: buy low, sell high. The sum of these operations, at the end of the day, can be more than interesting.

2) Cryptocurrencies are back in the ring: after a black year for the market, the digital currencies sector is back on the scene with more strength than before and more and more people want to start knowing how to mine cryptocurrencies or start exchanging them. After leaving behind rumors of collapse or bankruptcy, the crypto ecosystem managed to regain the confidence of all and sundry.

In that sense, if we take the main digital currencies, we find that the returns were more than promising so far this 2023, with a curve that remains on the rise. For many, it is the time for the crypto market to show its full maturity.

For their part, investors who saw the phenomenon pass them by from afar in 2020 now have a new opportunity to enter this market before the bullish streak is fully confirmed. It should come as no surprise, then, that the next few weeks will bring major news in this regard.

3) Volatile currencies: finally, another major trend for this year will be the constant movement in the values of international currencies. These last months, without going any further, were marked by movements linked to the Euro and the US Dollar, although other currencies such as the Pound or the Australian Dollar were also protagonists.

For the coming months, it will be very important for the entire European Union what happens in relation to the value of the Euro and its stabilization.

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