What GrammarlyGo is and how it works

GrammarlyGo is a powerful AI-powered grammar and writing assistant that helps individuals and businesses improve their writing accuracy and style. It uses a sophisticated algorithm to analyze how users write and provides highly accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation checking capabilities. GrammarlyGo also provides translations in various languages, and can understand various dialects and writing styles. It helps guide users to better grammar and actions that make their content more impactful, while also helping them write faster.

GrammarlyGo as a checker

GrammarlyGo is the improvement currently being developed by Grammarly, one of the most widely used tools for correcting texts. This new service stands out because corrections will be made by means of an Artificial Intelligence that takes into account the context of phrases and sentences.

GrammarlyGo will bet on suggesting better quality corrections by analyzing the context of what is written.

Currently, Grammarly is one of the most accurate spelling correction applications out there. However, with GrammarlyGo you will not only be able to improve your writing, but also use the best phrases and expressions according to a certain situation.

GrammarlyGo, a text corrector that takes context into account.

A major challenge for automatic text correctors has been to create an option that suggests the ideal linguistic combination for a particular communicative situation. Grammarly seems to have hit the nail on the head with GrammarlyGo, as this new tool of the popular checker will study the context of the sentence you want to write.

This new feature of the most complete grammar checker on the market right now. Undoubtedly, it will help you to write better quality compositions. You will not only get an explanation of the proposed correction. You will also be able to adapt the message according to your interlocutors and the communicative situation in real time.

All of the above will be possible thanks to the AI that will integrate the application. Thus, by giving precise indications through prompts, GrammarlyGo will automatically generate the ideal text. This is an innovative feature that is extremely useful when writing emails, messages and, in general, all kinds of texts, including formal and academic ones.

When will GrammarlyGo be available?

Grammarly’s new and ambitious bet will be available in April in its Beta phase. It is important to note that only customers of the different Grammarly Premium versions will have access to it. Moreover, as with the original tool, GrammarlyGo will only correct texts written in English.

On the other hand, the only users with a free plan who will be able to access the Beta will be those in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, New Zealand, Ukraine, Australia and Canada.

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