What happens in one minute on the Internet? [2023]

In 2023, it has been estimated that a staggering amount of data, activities and processes can take place on the Internet in just one minute. From streaming services, social networks, digital marketplaces and more, the modern digital era allows us to interact, connect, and create everywhere, all in the span of sixty seconds.

Internet Minute Clock

For almost a decade now, the company Domo has been producing an annual infographic called “Data Never Sleeps“in which it reflects what happens during one minute on the Internet, all the actions performed by Internet users in a matter of 60 seconds.

YouTube users upload more than 500 hours of video every minute.

Analyzing the graph gives a perspective on the vast amounts of information being generated and shared on the network every minute, and furthermore, when compared to graphs from other years, it is possible to notice the progression and how Internet traffic has skyrocketed in less than a decade.

infographic one minute internet

Regarding the last year, the following data should be highlighted:

What Internet users do in one minute

Google users perform 5.9 million searches.

Facebook users share 1.7 million pieces of content.

Instagram users share 66,000 photos.

Twitter users share 347,200 tweets.

Snapchat users send 2.43 million snaps.

Tinder users swipe 1.1 million times.

YouTube users upload 500 hours of video.

140,600 hours are devoted to meetings via Zoom.

Viewers spend 1 million hours streaming.

Doordash diners place $76,400 in orders.

Amazon shoppers spend $443,000.

Venmo users ship $437,600.

Cryptocurrency buyers purchase $90.2 million in cryptocurrencies.

Online event attendees purchase $12,900.

E-mail users send 231.4 million messages.

People send 16 million SMS messages.

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