What “IJBOL” means on social media

On social networks, especially younger users often develop a special vocabulary and use terms whose meaning goes unnoticed by most users.

Some terms end up becoming popular over time – like LOL, for example – and most Internet users end up knowing their meaning. But others of more recent creation remain truly unknown.

This is what happens with the term “IJBOL”, which has become popular among younger people on platforms such as X, TikTok or Instagram. What does it mean? In this article you will understand in which contexts it is used.

Origin of the expression IJBOL on the Internet

If you have read the word “IJBOL” on a social network and you don’t know what it refers to, we are going to clear your doubts. These five letters make up the acronym for the English phrase “I just burst out laughing”, or in other words, something like “I just burst out laughing.”

That is, IJBOL would be similar to LOL (Lots of Laughs) but with an even more intensified meaning. You laughed but more than with LOL, although it could be used in similar situations.

Although it is a word that was already included in the Internet dictionary in 2009, it was not widely used. In fact, the “boom” in its use has taken place after fans of the K-Pop musical genre began to use it, which is now triumphing among the youngest.

Since they began to use it in 2021, its use has not stopped growing and its meaning has become more widespread, although it is not a South Korean word – as many think – in honor of this musical genre, but its origin dates back more than a decade and the country where it began to be used was the United States. From there it has jumped to other markets.

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