What investments and businesses are profitable in 2022?


A new year-end is beginning to loom and many large and small investors are beginning to project what will happen from January 1. In that sense, the world economy shows good signs of recovery after the worst of the pandemic and there are many sectors that promise good returns. That is why in the following article we will discuss everything you need to know before making any moves

Looking ahead to next year’s investments and returns, many savers have been thinking for some time now what will be the best thing to do. The reactivation climate after more than a year and a half marked by caution and the cooling of the economy has resulted in a good amount of opportunities within the market to take into account. Whether from traditional options such as investing in the Madrid Stock Exchange or modern alternatives such as cryptocurrencies, there are different elements to take into account. Here are a number of possibilities that can help you.

Real estate investments

It is a great time to invest in property, as prices continue to become more affordable due to the effects of the crisis. As is well known, the real estate sector is one of the first to contract in times of recession, but it is also at the forefront when the winds change and boom times arrive.

In that sense, many properties are expected to appreciate in value in the short term, even more so with the possibility of increased demand from the market once the economic pace returns to normal. Thinking about investing in property gives a backing of safe movement, so it is an alternative to consider for those with high or medium risk aversion.

Cultural and social trends

Also known as “megatrends,” it’s important to be aware of what’s on the public and government agenda when deciding where to invest. For example, the renewable energy sector is one of the fastest growing sectors for the future, so starting early can be a great decision.

The same can be thought of with other cultural changes, such as vegan food and products, as well as companies in the cannabis sector or services that help to recycle and reuse, with a clear focus on protecting the environment.

Stock market investments

As we mentioned earlier in the case of the Madrid Stock Exchange, one recommendation going into 2022 is to buy shares. By taking a small stake in a company listed on the market, we are sort of minority owners, so it is important to analyze the latest trends.

This type of investment is ideal for those who have a low risk aversion, since at the end of the day it is a more than dynamic market and requires a certain talent in relation to reading the weather and the signals provided by the market. For this, a tip that never fails is to build a diversified portfolio that can cover losses in case of any unforeseen event.


Finally, one of the financial stars of recent years cannot go unmentioned. After an irregular 2021, the winds seem to be strengthening in the case of Bitcoin and other digital currencies, rebounding their projected returns.

Looking ahead to 2022, and with an even more revived economy, this sector is expected to reach new all-time records, making it a good time to get into one of today’s most dynamic markets.

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