What is 1Password password manager and how does it work?


One of the great allies in the security of those who must memorize different passwords is the application 1Password. Manage the different passwords for all the services that a user maintains on the Internet (email, social networks, cloud services, streaming platforms…) can become a headache if you trust your memory with the ability to remember all the passwords, especially if you follow one of the main security commandments do not use the same password for all services and be very careful in selecting the passwords you assign.

1Password password manager also allows you to store encrypted notes

This is where the help of password managers comes in, platforms that allow you to store all possible keys and passwords in a single space, accessible with a single click, capable of generating highly secure passwords, instantly synchronized between different devices, and of course, maximum guarantee of protection and security.

With versions available for different operating systems (Windows, Mac, iOS and Android), 1Password is configured as a kind of virtual safe where to store keys and passwords of online services for personal or shared use, allowing also the custody of corporate credentials, digital signatures or various electronic certificates, all organized in different categories accessible through a menu.

In addition, it is even capable of offering storage of notes and documents that remain encrypteds to ensure maximum protection. It also has a specific section to store information related to bank accounts and credit cards.

In addition to the application itself for mobile operating systems there are plugins for almost all browsers so that the entire password database can be managed when browsing the Internet. It also features integration with Dropbox in order to be able to store a copy (also protected) of the password file, so that in case of need it can be accessed (or synchronized) from anywhere with an Internet connection.

The set of passwords stored by 1Password is protected by encryption and from that point onwards and with the appropriate configuration the users already will only have to remember a single password (hence the name of this platform: 1Password = OnePassword), the master password to access 1Password. Both on the computer where it is installed and in the browser, when any online service or platform asks for the password to grant access, 1Password will automatically provide it (thanks to the Autologin function).

Among other functions, 1Password also allows you to set up different user profiles for the usual Internet autofills. So you can set up a personal profile, a professional profile and an “anonymous” profile in which you fill in online forms with different data in terms of name, physical address, email address..

1Password is a paid solution that offers different alternatives depending on the type of use:

-1Password for personal use: $2.99/month if contracted annually (single user)

-1Password Families for family use: $4.99/month if purchased annually (up to 5 users)

-Teams Starter Pack: 19.95/month (for workgroups of up to 10 members)

-Business: $7.99/month per user (for teams of 10+ members)

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