What is 5G technology: advantages and rumors

For months we have been saying that 2021 will be the year 5G technology becomes popular. The main cellular operators in Spain have already started offering 5G coverage to their customers and we even have lists of the best 5G phones to buy – and that will undoubtedly be one of the main gifts for Christmas – but it is also true that there are still many questions about this technology, even deniers who believe it can be harmful to health.

Some say 5G is responsible for the coronavirus pandemic

In order to avoid all kinds of rumors, in this article we will clearly explain what 5G technology is and we will clarify the rumors that exist so that you have no doubts.

5G is a network that allows mobile devices to connect to the internet from anywhere. It is the fifth generation of communication protocols that renews the technologies of the previous networks, the so-called LTE or 4G. Hence its numbering.

The 5G achieves latencies – the time required for the transmission of data packets within the network itself – that have been the fastest so far. This allows new applications to be created and the connected devices reduce response times significantly.

This allows us to speak of full hyperconnectivity, which also has other advantages: it improves battery consumption, which can be reduced by up to 10%, and it also allows a connection at speeds up to 10 times faster are than current fiber speeds, meaning a global improvement in streaming video games and visual content such as series, videos, and movies.

5G will also make it possible to connect a larger number of devices and drive the creation of “smart cities” and also fully connected houses.

Is it a technology that is harmful to health? The World Health Organization found in two studies, one from 2016 and one from February 2020, that 5G cannot have a causal relationship with harmful effects. This is 5G networks are not harmful to health.

This is pointed out by the WHO, although there are other studies that suggest they may have a carcinogenic agent – as the NGO Ecologistas en Acción says, for example – although it must be taken into account that it is an active ingredient of this type 2B ”And it’s the same carcinogenic effect that is attributed to coffee or aloe vera.

There are also those who point out that they may be responsible for creating the coronavirus pandemic. This has by no means been confirmed and there are reasons to point out that coronavirus and 5G are not related. In any case, the WHO has announced that it will conduct a more detailed study on the effects of 5G on people’s health and publish it in 2022.

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