What is a 301 error?

puzzle error 301

Along with the more popular “Error 404” message that occasionally appears when browsing the Internet, another possible message that can arise when the page you are looking for does not appear is the “Error 301“which sometimes displays the indication “moved permanently” (moved permanently).

Error 301 indicates the permanent move of a content to another web address.

This indication means that the requested content has been moved to another URL address. (uniform resource locator(uniform resource locator) so it is no longer available at the web address entered in the browser or linked to.

The difference with the Error 404 is that in this one no content would have been found and it may be another type of error while the 301 indication modifies the URL address but, to avoid penalization in Google, it usually is. move the surfer to the new destinationeven if the web address no longer matches.

It could therefore be said that, strictly speaking, it would not be an error as such but a warning that the web address hosting the content has been changed and is now hosted at a different address, on a different website. For this reason this “error” is often referred to as a “301 redirect”..

The usual thing is that when Google requests a domain to access a specific content the server checks that the requested URL is no longer the correct one and instead there is a redirection, informing the search engine bot of this situation. Hence the notification with the 301 code indicating that the address that was originally entered does not point to the content and this, instead, is served from a different location with a new URL.

If you subsequently try to access the same content, the 301 error will no longer appear, but rather. the redirection will be prefixed. for that user.

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