What is a compliance officer and what are their roles?

You may not have known, but a long time ago a professional personality has emerged who is increasingly in demand in all types of companies, that of the “Compliance Officer” or, as we could translate it in Spanish, the “Director” of legal compliance Regulations.

The number of Director of Regulatory Compliance is essential in such a complex legal environment in which companies operate

It is a fundamental role that all businesses, regardless of size, should be a fundamental figure in their corporate org chart. Given the complex legal framework in which all companies operate, it is essential to have a professional in the company who is dedicated to supervising and controlling the commission of all types of crime. And in order to perform this function, not every employee is valid, it is necessary to receive special training for compliance officers, instructed by a reputable reference center, as changes in the law and increasingly more rules and regulations have to be handled perfectly.

What functions does the compliance officer have?

The increasing complexity of the regulatory environment in which companies operate means that this new profession is on the rise, as its work is vital to avoiding financial and accounting scandals. Ignoring legal compliance does not exempt companies from committing a crime. Therefore it is of fundamental importance to have this number either as an employee within the workforce or as an external employee – as a freelance worker, as a collaborating agency …

Your job will be to control all activities of the company and its management system and to prevent any kind of crime. You must regularly inform top management and all employees about the standards to be followed, which requirements must be met, and keep them fully up to date in this regard. You are more than just a bystander, you need to be actively involved in the company’s decision making.

Its functions also include performing a Framework for the prevention of occupational risks and provide appropriate training to company personnel to ensure compliance. And all of this must be possible independently and with freedom of judgment. It is important to guarantee the role of the compliance officer in the corporate environment and to ensure that he does not have any consequences from the decisions he makes.

And the fact is that their work is accompanied by decisions that can often be difficult or even contradictory for the company in relation to the goals they set, but the compliance officer must have the necessary authority to enforce their actions.

It is also necessary Make the necessary resources available to the compliance officer to be able to conduct their investigations, train staff and make the necessary decisions to resolve crises as they arise or to anticipate and foresee situations as they arise.

Given the critical nature of their decisions, it is necessary that the compliance officer himself or herself have the appropriate experience and training to carry out his work. Because of this, it is necessary to turn to a professional who has taken a specific course to acquire the skills necessary to ensure legal compliance in a company. Their work cannot be carried out by anyone who does not have the right training in a center of recognized prestige.

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