What is a Private Blogging Network (PBN)?

A private blogging network, or PBN, is nothing more than one Blog group or websites owned by the same user. This network connects different projects that share one main category with other websites that you want to give a boost in Google positioning.

Private blogging networks are a pyramid structure that makes it easier to have a main blog on the Google homepage.

As a rule, the structure of a private network consists of a main blog, which is interesting for positioning. This connects to a number of secondary blogs, all of which are owned by the same person and linked to the main blog. Secondary blogs, in turn, are linked to other less important ones, so it’s one “Pyramid network” of blogswhere the lower join the higher.

This has only one goal: that the Domain Authority (Domain Authority) and Page (PA) of the smaller blogs are passed on to the higher-level blogs.

How do you create a private blog network structure?

The network is structured in “tiers” or layers, with a pyramidal structure as follows:

-Step 1: It is the main blog that you want to position and direct all traffic to. This blog needs to have high quality content and great SEO, with its own domain, good design and high quality dedicated hosting.

-Rank 2: They are smaller blogs whose only goal is to position tier 1 and give a higher hierarchy, for these tier free services like wordpress.com or blogger are usually used. They aren’t that important and SEO shouldn’t be that careful.

-Level 3: They are lower quality blogs, they can just be links in forums, comments on other web pages, or web sites that are less interesting. Currently, many users are using programs that automatically create Tier 3 links. These low quality links are easy for Google to see and sometimes get blocked.

To make the process easier, many users are using expired domainsthat have not been renovated by their former owners. This implies that the domain will be positioned more easily, it has been used before and has some reputation, which reduces the penalty from search engines.

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