What is a proxy and how to use it as a Chrome extension

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With the passing of the years and the advancement of technology, a fairly common concern among users continues to grow. We are talking about how not to expose our personal information on the web.

It is that today it is almost impossible that our data is not stored on a site and for many of these can be a nuisance. Therefore, today in this article we talk about what is a Proxy and how you can associate it with your Chrome browser for safer browsing.

How can they track my data on the internet?

Basically, when we access the internet from any device, we do it directly. In this way, the pages know things like our location, name and data of the device from where we enter. Many other sites ask you to accept cookies so that they can access more information.

In the eyes of the law, this is done because today in the world of the Internet seeks to create a personalized relationship with users. Therefore, just by searching for “English courses” on your device, you can see how moments later, your networks and even your mail is filled with advertising related to English classes.

And although there are laws in Europe regarding data protection, for many this is not a problem. In fact, it is beneficial as the information comes to you in a personalized way and helps you more easily get ways to learn English in this case.

However, for others this can be a big problem as it means that not only was the search logged but, if information is arriving in the mail, it means that this address has also been exposed. Not to mention the social networks to which these pages have also had access.

Fortunately, there are tools to protect yourself when surfing the web peacefully, and one of them is is a proxy server.

What is a Proxy?

A proxy server is a computer on the Internet that accepts incoming requests from the client and forwards them to the destination server. It functions as a gateway between the end user and the Internet. It has its own IP address. It separates the client system and the web server from the overall network.

In other words, we can say that the proxy server allows us to access any website with a different IP address. It plays a role of intermediary between users and specific websites or servers. It collects and provides information related to user requests. The most important point of a proxy server is that it does not encrypt traffic.

Benefits of a Proxy

When we decide to use a proxy server, it is not only security benefits. In fact, some people search among the types of proxy to find out which one is best for their activity.

As for additional benefits we can find that it saves bandwidth by caching files and compressing incoming traffic. It will also protect our network from malware.

Finally, certain countries have restrictions in place so that within their territories websites that may expose their security cannot be accessed. And it is here where you can also enjoy another of the benefits of a proxy that is to access restricted content as it will circumvent the system responsible for tracking IPs to prevent free access to the Internet.

How to add Proxy to my Chrome browser

Now knowing the vulnerable situation your data is in on the web, what you can do is protect your browser with a proxy extension for Chrome if that’s your case.

Therefore, in this article we want to talk about Brightdata, a leading proxy service provider in the market. What makes this company number one is its high power in protection, speed and other aspects.

If you are looking for the option that allows you to share data, have the freedom to restricted websites or even protect your business from users who want to access risky sites, Brightdata’s proxy extension for Chrome is what you need. Visit the website and learn more about its benefits.

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