What is a smart mirror and which one to buy

A smart mirror is a piece that incorporates a digital touch panel on the back (or even front, depending on the model). This panel is capable of connecting to your home Wi-Fi and your mobile to receive orders and display information, such as date, time, news, weather condition, etc. You can even play videos, music and stream phone calls.

On the other hand, smart mirrors have LED lights that are used to control the brightness and tone of the colors in the environment. The market targeted by these devices is fitness and beauty, since they work as an assistant when applying makeup because they can improve lighting and give advice. While for the exercises they present training circuits to tell the user how they should exercise, although they can be used in any other context.

If you are interested in purchasing a smart mirror, below you will find a list of some of the best models available on the market. They have a large number of functions, they are really useful and there are mirrors at an affordable cost.

The best smart mirrors on the market

The smart mirror market is growing, for this reason, it could be complex to determine which one to buy. To make this task easier for you, here we will only display products that do deliver what they promise.

Evokor LED Smart Bathroom Mirror

It is designed for bathrooms, it has a frame of LED lights that serves to improve the lighting of the environment to facilitate makeup. The light intensity can be adjusted through the screen, it provides several levels that can be customized according to the user's taste.

It has Evokor's own technology that prevents the mirror from fogging up due to hot water vapor. As for its smart functions, it can set the time, date, determine the humidity of the bathroom, display the outside temperature and show the tasks you have pending. Its price is 270 euros.

smart mirrorssmart mirrors

Soulaca Smart Magic Mirror

Soulaca has created a mirror that can be installed inside the shower, so that, while the person is bathing, they can access all types of content, such as YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, IPTV and more. The device comes in three sizes, which are 32, 27 and 22 inches and is completely touch-sensitive and waterproof, the interface is manipulated as if it were the panel of a mobile phone.

In addition to the streaming functions, the mirror has two HDMI ports and a USB port that can be used to connect other additional devices if the user wishes. Likewise, it has two speakers, an audio output and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection and the screen resolution is Full HD (1080p). The cost of the mirror is 1000 euros.

Mirror with streamingMirror with streaming

Echelon Reflect Smart Connect Fitness Mirror

It is a full-length mirror with a vertical arrangement that comes in 40- and 50-inch sizes. The touch screen resists water and dust and incorporates a camera to connect to live exercise sessions. As the mirror is aimed at fitness, it has the ability to track heart rate, calories burned and display goals achieved.

Logically, the device can connect to the Internet to provide access to multiple platforms and pair with the mobile. It is worth mentioning that the product requires a subscription to the Echelon service ($40 per month) which is based on providing remote physical training, which can be beneficial if your goal is to exercise. The cost of the equipment is 1000 euros.

fitness mirrorfitness mirror

Wolfmate Smart Fitness Trainer Mirror M2

We come to a compact mirror that can be mounted on the wall to save space, and it also has two robotic arms that can be used to do various types of exercise. It also includes four training modes, performance analysis, and classes streamed live or recorded via the mirror panel.

The device has a camera that is used for live exercises with a remote trainer, however, it does not require any type of mandatory subscription, fitness services are optional. A point in its favor is that it provides many exercises and free content to work each part of the body, although its price is quite high, it costs 3,300 euros, but in the field of exercise it has no competition.

Mirror for exerciseMirror for exercise

iHome Hollywood Studio Pro Luxury Smart Mirror

It is designed for people who need a helper to apply makeup, the mirror has no distortion and its size is 28 x 20 inches. In addition, it has a removable mirror that offers a 10x zoom and a base to place your mobile phone, which will make it easier to record videos for social networks.

iHome has several LED lights that can adjust their intensity, it offers four brightness modes and three color tones with shade settings. It can be connected to the home Wi-Fi and incorporates a Bluetooth connection. Through the panel it is possible to control the mobile phone to receive calls, change music tracks, etc. Likewise, it is compatible with Siri and Google Assistant, its price is 246 euros.

makeup mirrormakeup mirror

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