What is a smart plug and how to choose the best one

What is a smart plug

A smart plug is a technological gadget that you can control from your mobile phone over the Internet. Therefore, it is a device that is used to connect simple appliances and turn them into smart devices.

Smart plugs share certain similarities with smart outlets. One of them is that both can be implemented as adapters. However, the outlets remain fixed to the wall, while the plug is a flexible and customizable device for use.

On the other hand, a highly relevant aspect about smart plugs is that, thanks to their control and monitoring functions of electrical flow, they can also be considered excellent allies of sustainability and energy efficiency in your smart home. Therefore, below we will explain what should be taken into account when purchasing them.

What should a good smart plug have?

First of all, something that you should keep in mind when buying a smart plug is that these are usually a much more affordable alternative to equip a smart home.

The reason is very simple, and it is that thanks to this type of devices you do not have to invest in a large number of expensive devices individually. In addition, you can install several appliances in the same socket.

So, before purchasing a smart plug you should check that it has its own home automation app and that, in turn, it is compatible with the operating system of your smartphone. Likewise, you should pay close attention to the following details:

Choose the ideal plug

– Voice assistant support: As you know, manipulating a smart device is much easier using voice commands. However, not all devices are compatible with all virtual assistants. Consequently, if, for example, you use Amazon Alexa to interact with your home devices, you need to check if your new smart plug also works with said system.

– Think about where you will install it: It is very important to define whether you will use the plug inside or outside the home. If the latter, make sure you buy a sun- and weather-resistant outdoor outlet. Also, check that the measurements of the appliance are consistent with the space where you will install it.

– Functions: All smart plugs do not include the same functionalities. For example, some have energy savings, while others work with exit timers to schedule them to turn on at sunset. In this sense, we recommend making sure that the product offers what you are really looking for.

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