What is a webinar and tips on how to create one?

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A webinar is a live videowhich is broadcast over the Internet, and usually contains some form of educational content. Although it is a live video, the webinar is usually recorded for rebroadcast and also for offering as downloadable content.

One of the main advantages of webinars is that added value is created that allows new users to be attracted.

Thanks to the large number of free tools, such as YouTube, Facebook or Instagram, that allow us to broadcast live videos, it is very easy to create a webinar. In this sense, some platforms such as GoToWebinar or Google Hangouts also allow us to create a webinar, with a number of added features such as the ability to share a screen, make presentations and more.

Usually, webinars tend to have a masterclass formatbut they can also be a conference, inviting an expert on a topic, or even a workshop or online training. The strong point of the webinar is that at the end of it we can add a call to action that sends the user to a course or a service related to the workshop.

The content of the webinar should be different, original and impactful. It should also be a content that allows the user to interact directly, which will generate a relationship that could lead him to become a customer.

Tips for creating a webinar

In this sense, there are some ways to improve the contents of a webinar to attract a greater number of users and convert them. First of all, we must define very well the main topic of the webinar and also the secondary topics, as well as the objectives and the target audience.

On the other hand, the content must be educational and formal. However, it should not be heavy, but entertaining and visual, so whenever we can we should create some kind of outline or presentation. To keep the users’ attention we have to include case studies, examples, and also anecdotes that are interesting for the end user.

The structure should be from the general to the particularby first explaining the key points and then trying to develop each one of them. To obtain better conversions, we have to involve the viewer, either through questions, asking them to share their doubts or even creating small tasks, which they can solve in two or three minutes.

Finally, we must be aware that the webinar should not be too long. The presentation should be of between 40 to 45 minutesand we should leave about 20 minutes to interact with the users. Finally, we must close the webinar with a call to action that allows users to download content or additional information.

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